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    Star Wars The Old Republic Preview

    I agree, after the new and shiny feeling wears off you quickly find yourself bored and sometimes annoyed by the various meaningless quests, bad dialogue scenes, bugs, bad to mediocre at best PVP, and other underdeveloped portions of the game. While playing as the most cruel evil sith bastard...
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    Intel Core i7-3960X - Sandy Bridge E Processor Review @ [H]

    Yeah, in the same boat here. I am not spending that kind of money on a new build for just better performance in a handful of multi-threaded applications (none of which would kill me to wait a few extra moments). I will just put together another SB system and pickup the better IB next year.
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    ENERMAX Announces The Fulmo and Fulmo GT

    It was only a matter of time till some company picked up on the popularity of the CM 690/692 and the amount of interest towards a full-tower version. I am wondering if Coolermaster is also coming out with one based on this frame as well. However, I like the looks of this full-tower a bit...
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    Rosewill BLACKHAWK ULTRA Gaming Super Tower Supports HPTX

    The EVGA SR3 is another HPTX form-factor motherboard (~13.6 in x ~15 in), as the motherboard mounting holes give us a pretty good measurement and a good comparison to the existing SR2. The size is essentially the exact same to SR2 and not an EATX (12 in x ~13 in). Not to mention, the mounting...
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    Rosewill BLACKHAWK ULTRA Gaming Super Tower Supports HPTX

    It looks like a giant Coolermaster 692 without the silver-trim and the better mesh, but with the innards of a Xigmatek Elysium. I wonder if they will sell the Blackhawk's side-panels separately at some point, it is functionally better then the Elysium's current offerings. Not to mention, you...
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    ASRock X79 Extreme9

    They probably got their own 3-way SLI-bridge for this motherboard. However, I am unaware of any information that says you cannot put the daughterboard in slot 1 and all your video cards in the remaining slots.
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    ASRock X79 Extreme9

    Looks like a very nice board, but that four-pin molex connector looks awfully close to the first PCI-E slot and might pose a problem with some connectors. Also, that VRM heatsink's silver shroud looks like it's hanging over one DIMM slot, but it looks easily removable at least.
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    Corsair Hydro Series H80

    It would likely be the Corsair H100 (dual 120mm) or the Maingear EPIC 180 (180mm).
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    Corsair Hydro Series H80

    It's nice to see the new AIO kits are performing better. I am however more interested in seeing reviews of the Corsair H100 AIO, but it seems our wait has been extended a little longer. I don't see why he has to find you a link, as you are clearly intelligent enough to do a Google search on...
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    Corsair Announces New Hydro Series Liquid CPU Coolers

    That was one of the online retailers, they removed it, and they have not relisted it yet. But, you can find the product page here now without the price. It's available at: Provantage for $115~ Shopbit for $119~
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    Corsair Announces New Hydro Series Liquid CPU Coolers

    I saw the H100s listed at $115~ at other retailers when it was accidentally leaked ahead of schedule and promptly removed. They are suggesting it'll be around $119~, but Direction is saying they are going to price it at $149.99 while being on sale for $105. I guess it's still a deal of sorts...
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    Corsair Announces New Carbide Series Cases

    I do like the look and quality of the 650D, but the lower price, great functionality, with far superior cooling options of the 400R/500R got it beat. I look forward to whatever final alterations are made to this chassis as it's close to being perfect. However, would like to see a version with...
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    140mm Fans Advice

    I have been using the Koolance 140x25mm fans (FAN-14025HBK and FAN-14025HLED) in most of my builds, which run around 1700RPM and have Dual Ball-Bearings for about $15. They do push a good amount of air and their static pressure is also pretty good for heat sinks and radiators. You might want...
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    Acrylic Cases

    I should have mentioned Mountain Mods do custom orders for panels and case designs as well, but glade someone was able to help you with the custom DD case.
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    Coolermaster CM 690 II Advanced

    Yeah, it is one of my favorite cases on the market, lots of fan mounts, and can easily fit two radiators.