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    Possible PSU problem with new build?

    I've just put together a new computer with the following specs: Case: Corsair Carbide Series 330R CPU: Core i7 4770 Mobo: AsRock Z87 Pro3 PSU: Corsair RM450 GPU: EVGA GeForce GT 630 2GB RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 32GB kit There's also one hard drive a Wifi card and some other minor...
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    Similar screens to Asus PB278Q 27"

    Are there any similar 27" screens out there in the same price category and with comparable resolution? I'm looking for large screens for programming, so they don't need to have perfect color reproduction etc.
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    NAS server CPU + Mobo recks

    Since it looks like the case will support a regular ATX mobo the choice is a bit easier. I'm going for a board that has extra PCIe x8 slots, so that I can add an external enclosure if I end up using all the current disks. What I have now is: CPU: AMD FX-6100 Mobo: ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 RAM...
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    supermicro AM3+, support for AMD FX-6100?

    Does anyone know if the following board support the AMD FX-6100 CPU: I need a mobo for this CPU that supports ECC memory, is Micro-ATX form factor and has two 1GbE ports.
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    NAS server CPU + Mobo recks

    I've changed my mind about my new setup and I'm getting two servers instead of one of which one is a dedicated NAS. This simplifies disk management among other things. I've decided on the following case and need recommendations for CPU and Mobo...
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    Rack server for NAS

    Decided on the following: Case: PSU: F.S.P 2U 600W Single 80+ Mobo: SuperMicro X9SCi-LN4F CPU: Xeon E3-1220v2 RAM: 32GB DDR3 ECC SAS card: 2 x LSI SAS 9211-8i HBA This adds up to a total of 1998 euros with shipping from X-Case. I'll...
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    Rack server for NAS

    I would like a case that's fairly silent, so a 1U with high RPM fans is probably out of the question.
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    Rack server for NAS

    I'm building a NAS server. I have an external 16-bay enclosure and the required RAID card for it. I'm looking at recommendations for the server part. My current idea is to get the following components: 1. Intel Core i3-3250 CPU 2. SuperMicro MBD-X9SCM-IIF Micro ATX mobo 3. Kingston...
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    Cheap, silent ECC rack mountable setup

    I currently have two Sun Fire X2100 M2 servers, but these sound like jet engines, so I'm thinking about getting rid of them even though they are extremely reliable. I'm essentially looking for something along the following lines: 1. Rack mountable silent chassis 2. Quality PSU 2. ECC memory...
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    Software RAID6 vs Hardware

    My experience is with Areca and Adaptec. Areca has at least dedicated chip support for RAID6 computations.
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    Software RAID6 vs Hardware

    Yet, cheap ($300-$500) dedicated controllers seems to beat the crap out of a fairly modern CPU when running RAID6 in terms of raw throughput. However, as you implied, storage systems seem to be moving towards providing more features through more complex file systems. Since the file system is...
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    This is surreal: We are getting fibre to the home!!!

    I find it funny that living in the states now right in the center of a major city (3 blocks from city hall...), I have a slower internet connection than I had back in 1998 while still living in Helsinki, Finland. The only other option here is cable.
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    Software RAID6 vs Hardware

    For almost any home usage software RAID will be more than enough in terms of performance. As has been said here, by far the biggest benefit of hardware RAID is when drives break, you need to add more drives or you need to upgrade hardware, e.g. the controller. This is typically just made to be...
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    Uber Build

    I'm curious why anyone would consider a 1GB SSD? You can put your OS on an SSD if you need quick boot times. SSDs are great for accessing lots of random small files. However, you get the same effect by having lots of RAM, since after the initial access the OS will cache the files, so that you...
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    Which programming language should I learn?

    To begin with, you're comparing the string "answer" to a number and not the variable answer.