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  • Hey elpibe10,

    I sent you a message through your website last night regarding the liquid cooled SG05 you posted pictures of in the small form factor forum. Would love to hear a response from you in regards to it.

    hey elpibe10!

    I don't know why the email never came through to you from your website. Anyways, your site is wonderful! Since you have so many WiNDy cases, you must know of how or where to get these beauties. I believe you live in the EU? So do you know someone in Japan, or do you have a Japanese address setup to route your purchases to you? I'm really at a loss and if anyone would know it'd be you. I'd really appreciate any input that you have. I'd prefer not to wait until the re-brand ALEXER cases are importable to the US. Anyways, thanks for any advice you have.

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