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    PWs when you die?

    I do the KeePass thing too. But, as mentioned, keeping all my logins stored is a challenge.
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    QoS vs Traffic shaping, what is the difference?

    Well, I guess if you want to go by the formal definition of QoS... but I don't really consider it QoS unless you're dealing with more than one class of traffic. If you use OSPF only to form an adjacency between two IPs of a /30 either side of a point-to-point, is it really routing? Not the best...
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    QoS vs Traffic shaping, what is the difference?

    Shaping is, as mentioned, a component of QoS, but it is ALSO something that can stand alone. Shaping is a way of buffering traffic temporarily and discarding packets when appropriate to prevent congestion or impose a limit upon the amount of bandwidth a connection uses. This is commonly used BY...
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    Using public DNS for internal network?

    I don't know why everyone was suggesting running away from this company screaming. I love finding an IT flustercluck I can fix (I work for an ISP too) because after all the conference calls are done and the bosses are convinced and the necessary changes finally get made, I'm the hero. I can drop...
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    Silent Push Out of Adobe Reader XI

    I used LANDesk for an over-11,000-CPU network and loved it. The asset-management portion most of all, though for software deployment it also worked well. Then again, I haven't really worked with many alternatives.
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    Help plz, Linksys router causing internet speed to be cut in half (20mbps vs 50mbps)

    I've never even heard of that brand, so I'd probably avoid it. Processing power is what's important. You need to get a router which is actually rated for 50 Mbps on the WAN link. I've never seen a consumer wireless router that doesn't have at least a few switch ports in the back for wired...
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    cisco ios wget alternative

    Ohhh I see. I've used the http get in an IP SLA before. Damn, I could have told you that at the beginning of this thread, except that I didn't really get what you were trying to accomplish. I've never worked with DDNS in IOS, to be honest.
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    Boost internet speed? is this possible?

    It definitely sounds like they're using a WAN accelerator. It's really nothing special, though I'm sure they want you to think it is. WAN accelerators often employ TCP window size adjustments, ack delay changes, real-time compression, and local-caching options to reduce overhead, maximize...
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    L2 between datacenters

    I would have suggested the tunnel if you don't want to pay for an MPLS (I'm another enterprise ISP WAN tech and it's pretty much our go-to solution for scenarios like these) but reading about OTV as Vito suggested above, it sounds pretty awesome.
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    Packet Capture Analysis

    I can't say I know the best place to go, but in order to understand the Wireshark captures, you'll need to know how the TCP/IP stack and ethernet works, as well as any protocols involved with the services on your servers and network devices. Digging through my list of bookmarks, here's a few...
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    cisco ios wget alternative

    Interesting. I've been doing a lot with IP SLA myself recently, but I've never considered it for running a script (though I'm guessing a track actually triggers the script?). Is this something you could share? It would be very useful to me.
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    Easy way to monitor home network/internet bandwidth

    Going to +1 Jay on this, Cacti with a weather map is phenomenal to work with.
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    Boost internet speed? is this possible?

    Anyone who is telling you they can "optimize" TCP/IP to push more bandwidth than a circuit can handle is absolutely full of shit. TCP/IP are protocols that introduce overhead. IP is necessary for routing, TCP is necessary for ensuring data reliability. Both reduce your total data throughput...
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    How to execute a file from a URL link?

    Maybe someone here will know the answer to your question but your thread might be better suited for the Webmastering and Programming forum.
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    Transferring files wireless from one computer to another question

    70-80 Mbps is 8.75-10 MBps. 8 bits (b) per byte (B).