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  • Hi. This is just a shot in the dark. I was a member here a long time ago and my account got locked when it was inactive. I have lurked since 2001 but posted rarely. Old username was roadtonowhere08. I saw you have a Thinkpad P53 for sale. I would love to take it off your hands if it is still available. I am not sure if you can PM me, but if you can, we can talk about it. Have a good one.
    Yes, dual 2TB drives. I Need a phone number as well to ship fedex!
    Can I get a serial on the 15" to check the specs/warranty. Is this the same one?

    Nice list of apple gear. Can't offer a whole lot since I'm poor these days. Sorry to send you a low-ball but I'm in need of a laptop to get a bit of CG work done. If you're unable to sell the 15" for whatever reason and decide that you could take $1k for it send me a message. Hope you manage to sell your stuff, it's a pretty awesome list.
    what conectors do i need ?
    i think i only have six pin ones.
    still under warranty ?
    dibbs if its working good.
    If you don't sell the shuttle to diesiel, how much do you want for it? Thanks.

    Shuttle's XPC SG33G5
    Intel Core 2Duo E8600
    2x2gb patriots ram
    Pny 9800gt 1gb
    Dvd Rw
    2tb hard drive

    let me know if you are interested
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