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    Logitech G933 Artemis on sale at Best Buy - $50 Off

    I had to make my purchase at Best Buy, so my options were limited. This is I bought Sony 1000XM2. The battery life is amazing, includes a mic, touch gestures on the side are convenient. Sound quality is excellent to me, but I'm not audiophile.
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    Logitech G933 Artemis on sale at Best Buy - $50 Off

    My experience rates these as a big flaming hunk of shit. USB cable failed within a month, padding in the head band came unglued in a month or two, around 6 mo. they started having connectivity issues. Battery life is pretty bad. Would not make it through a solid day of heavy gaming without...
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    Removing headlines that require an X?

    Can we turn these notifications off? I hate that they take up half my screen on my phone and PC.
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    Need help with a Craigslist buying decision

    I've done this as the seller to give assurance the product worked. Sold some iMacs. For good measure you should put furmark on there, ya know for science.
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    Warm LG 4K 27" 5 ms FreeSync IPS Monitor for $300 minus a penny lol

    Just FYI my 2560x1440 panel went out after 2-3 yrs. Warranty is for 1 yr. I would not purchase again. It's nice upfront, but I have a 10+ year old samsung panel here chugging away that was replaced at 4yrs and 11 months under warranty. I would rather cough up a little more and get a well known...
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    vega @ bb

    Oh it's a hot deal alright....
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    $180 27-inch monoprice IPS monitor 2560x1440 refurbished

    I'd avoid. I've seen multiple dead 2560 x 1440s in short time frames sure to a bad PCB. Warranty is gone on mine.
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    Logitech Announces POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System to Recharge Wireless Mice

    The G602 has great battery life, but man does that button configuration suck a fat one. I'd honestly love to see a G600 wireless option.
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    Facebook Fined $112 Million Over WhatsApp

    Because the company wants to exist in EU telecommunications space. It's simple, don't want to get fined there, don't advertise and offer services there or prepare to be blocked on a continental level.
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    HBO Declines to Renew Amazon Contract Leading to Removal of Shows in 2018

    The problem is they are making you use a separate cart for each brand. I don't want a train of carts to carry my Coca-Cola and another for my Orange Juice. Companies need to figure out their pricing and let a few select vendors be the delivery vessel. I will not have 30 different apps, flat out...
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    AMD Responds to HardOCP on Raw Data VR Performance

    Why act surprised? Any company with sense would steer away from you if you wrote about them like that or not? It isn't that your article is wrong, but they have nothing to gain by engaging with [H]. Plenty of other websites exist to work with that have large followings. I do like [H], but that...
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    Pny gtx 1060 Best Buy at msrp

    One of my 560ti's started producing artifacts and they shrugged off the warranty claim. I went back and forth a few times and just decided to never do business with them again.
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    Pny gtx 1060 Best Buy at msrp

    I swore off PNY all together after having issues with their lifetime warranty.
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    Dell is selling the RX 480.

    It's like Reddit and passed forum ppl had a love child. Feddit...
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    Nest’s Time At Alphabet: A “Virtually Unlimited Budget” With No Results

    You guys keep saying "billions", I think you mean millions. The thermostat is a good product and quickly paid for itself in under a year for myself. I don't see why all the hate.