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    Any still running an overclocked i7 5820k? (haswell-E)

    4.5 @ 1.3v manual vcore, auto everything else. RAM needs upgrading to push further. I believe I have a decent chip. Figure my limit is 4.7 @ 1.35 v ?? :)
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    A Glimpse Under the Hood of Larrabee

    cool stuff. yeah saw linus' attempt as well
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    NVIDIA SlowMo Even Better than Real SloMo

    does anyone else think of Ace Ventura? LOL
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    Running PSU up to max rating.

    if youre pulling 810 at the wall i wouldnt be concerned.. anything over that then maybe.
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    Asus not releasing spectre fix for x99

    they updated the sabertooth as well - beta bios on the 26th. that wasnt on their original list of supported patches when it first came out. maybe, maybe there is hope. this thing came with a 5 year warranty. if they dont patch it im RMA'ing it or selling it and moving on
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    Microsoft Wants to Force Windows 10 Mail Users to Open Links in Edge

    windows 10 is garbage absolute garbage. im running it on 4 boxes now unfortunately. there is so much bloat and bullshit tracking, forced updates, breaking/resetting drivers after an update etc etc etc etc
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    EVGA Warranty Troubles!

    yeah for sure man me too. good luck
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    EVGA Warranty Troubles!

    for sure and itsfunny theyre not debating the fact that i didnt take it apart they just said NOPE lol
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    EVGA Warranty Troubles!

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    EVGA Warranty Troubles!

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    EVGA Warranty Troubles!

    No it didnt warp after crashing; I just kept getting blue screens or random reboots, its a secondary computer so i dont use it all the time... but i would go to turn it on and i could tell it rebooted...not from windows update... changed psu, didnt help, blah blah after changing out psu once...
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    EVGA Warranty Troubles!

    yeah and the thing is, these cards were the models that were having VRM issues, IIRC
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    EVGA Warranty Troubles!

    Theres more to it: The sticker did that on its own as well about 2-3 months in, I believe I said that in the EVGA forum post. The brand 'new' card from EVGA they gave me in return (cross ship) the sticker was already broken out of the box. Yeah, my thinking is the VRM's overheated possibly...
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    EVGA Warranty Troubles!

    yeah thanks for the reply man. trying that route now anyway!
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    EVGA Warranty Troubles!

    Having nothing but trouble with EVGA within the past year. This is just one example I am currently dealing with now. I am not sure it is because I am in Canada? I hear of people getting free video card upgrades and such if none are in stock etc.. I personally have had nothing but issues with my...