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    [H]ot PIA VPN Deal

    And based on this TorrentFreak article, PIA has been subpoenaed by the FBI and had no logs to provide.
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    [H]ot PIA VPN Deal

    I have used it on an Asus ac68U and a ac3100 , using the Asus-Wrt and the Merlin firmware. Easy to set up, and the Merlin firmware adds great features, such as the ability to send specific IP addresses (such as SMTP) directly to the WAN, bypassing the VPN...
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    AlienWare Laptop $1199 BuyDig has the Dell Alienware 17 17.3" FHD AW17R3-7092SLV 1TB Intel Core i7-6700HQ Notebook PC on sale for $1599 - $400 with coupon code SQL74257520 = $1199 with free shipping.
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    Gigabyte Ultra Durable series / Windows 7 can't recognize intel 600p M.2 SSD

    Reading through the post, the OP went to Disk Manager and tried to add a new volume. The OS found it and auto-formatted. Based on his report, there is no more problem.
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    Uber Settles Lawsuit Over Driver Sexual Assault Claims

    Apparently a federal judge says so.
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    Uber Settles Lawsuit Over Driver Sexual Assault Claims

    How the hell are these people still making money?
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    Good New 3DSxl games?

    I concur.
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    Rotary Cell Phone Prototype

    Certainly not in the vinyl underground. The Return of Vinyl: The Good, The Bad, And The Underground
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    Best NAS for nontechnical, with internet?

    My choice also.
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    Google Fiber Reassures Current Cities Everything Remains on Target

    Most folks would like to have any other choice so tat they can tell off their current ISP.
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    [Newegg] Thermaltake SP-850M 50usd AR

    Thanks, my co-worker is looking for a good, semi-modular PS for a new build.
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    Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Tiny Desktop in $307!

    I have found that if I wait for a better price, I always miss the better price. So now, if I thinks it's a good deal, I buy it. It might drop in price but also might not.
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    Like them or not, Google's Pixel phones will be the iPhone competitor we've demanded for years

    Mine should be here sometime next week. When it does, I am using that damned Blackberry for target practice.
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    Cloud Computing: Let's kick this off

    I am going to have to send this to my ex-boss. He thinks the cloud is some kind of magical fairyland.