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    How often do you upgrade?

    Hey guys, how's it going? I'm thinking of upgrading my 680 GTX to the 980 upon its release. I bought the 680 two years ago and it still performs well, but with Far Cry 4 on the horizon, along with my anticipation of DOOM 4, I'm thinking it might be worth buying a new GPU. When I went to NCIX...
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    Help with build - 2600$ Maingear or AVA

    He has my old GX2, the thing never worked right in SLi. And unless nVidia has fixed them up, It's a terrible idea. He pointed me to this thread to answer you. Hope I don't offend anyone in the process. Clarification from 0mega on the last line of his post: "It was a joke, I should have put...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    victor_c26... You need a bigger desk bud.
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    Cheap Quads for Canadians

    NCIX is good, but recently TigerDirect has been giving them a run for their money. I recently purchased an 8800 GTS (640MB) from TD and it was a full $50 cheaper than at NCIX. That was before taxes, and it was NOT on sale. Plus I got a rebate. Look at the graphic cards on NCIX, then go to TD...
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    Cheap Quads for Canadians

    Ahh, I see now. Thx guys!
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    Cheap Quads for Canadians

    I'm seeing 'G0 Stepping' written everywhere. What does that mean?
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    Need advice on a new 20" display

    Well the panel debating aside, I appreciate the advice...I'll most likely end up getting the 2007 WFP UltraSharp. Gotta wait and see though, if Dell keeps up the sales throughout August, I might get lucky and buy a 2407-HC instead.
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    Need advice on a new 20" display

    ^ You're the 2nd person to say TN panels suck...why is this?
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    Need advice on a new 20" display

    Well the NEC is definitely out of my league right now, and the Acer doesn't seem to available in Canada online... I'm looking at this Samsung; it seems rather nice.
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    Need advice on a new 20" display

    I'm in the market for a new 20" LCD right now, primarily for gaming. I'm looking at the Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP b/c I know Dell has a good rep amongst gamers for the quality of their monitors, but I'm wondering if there are other alternatives. I know Viewsonic and Samsung tend to be pretty...
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    Quad core means no physics card needed

    1500 WATTS?!?! WTF?!? WHO NEEDS THAT KIND OF POWER?! :eek: :eek: this is getting out of hand...:rolleyes:
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    Quad core means no physics card needed

    I thought the second GPU-looking thing (w/e it's called) on the 8800 GTX was designed for physics processing?
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    I do. They come in handy, especially in my case since my four USB ports on my mobo are all used up.
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    PC Gamer takes a crap on Penny Arcade

    I started reading PCG back in August of 2002, and I agree, the magazine has taken a major turn since Vede became EIC, but I wouldn't say the magazine has become garbage. Personally I still like their previews and reviews. Ever since I was exposed to [H] though I don't bother with their...
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    Official Dell 2407WFP Thread - Reviews, Revisions, Screenies

    Whoa, when was this posted? I checked this morning right after I saw the earlier post and I didn't see it. Thanks though :)