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    Asus customer service is #1 ( out of a possible 10)

    Luihed, only a few in here have the capacity to comprehend the nature of your problem, I feel for you bro, it's like me talking to anyone with an I.Q. of under 100, no point in arguing. To anyone else that find themselves on the other side of CSR and treated poorly, remember what you have...
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    Can I use two different type's of cards @ the same time ? Graphics and Gaming ?

    And then with VT have 2 machines running in one? That would be da bomb. PS. I'm also looking for an answer to that.
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    PROMOS/Micron D9?

    Sorry to dissapoint you, but I even know what to get to reach 1300. Funny thing is, the more I know, the more I know that I don't know enough. Keep an open mind and you'll be ok. Cheers mate!;)
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    E6300 "L632B"

    At 3220mhz with the Tuniq fan set at max and ambient 20C: idle 25c (core temp). I think that's cool!
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    PROMOS/Micron D9?

    Ok! Have you ever thought about going into politics? With everyone else around you being your advisors... and you being in denial, you’d be perfect! Lol.
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    PROMOS/Micron D9?

    Are you contradicting yourself now? If your logic is right, then you must be confused?
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    PROMOS/Micron D9?

    Thus, is it fair to say that at one point in time the Corsairs were a 'steal', and that right now it's the Buffalo Firestix that has what we all want? Man, isn't competition just great? Redbeard, are you listening?
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    PROMOS/Micron D9?

    No, not with the Tuniq... a buddy with 2 pots and DICE is coming over on Monday. What about these?
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    PROMOS/Micron D9?

    From that list, say we loosen timings to 5-6-6-18 on each... which ones would hit DDR2 1200? Then which is the cheapest? Cuz, I'm looking for 600 fsb for the least $$.:)
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    PROMOS/Micron D9?

    It pays to do a lot of research. And don't forget the adage..."let the buyer beware". Thanks for the info everyone.
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    ONE more time, Best , Quietest HSF?

    The Tuniq is quiet at 'Low' setting. 24/7 @ 3220mhz no need to max the fan even gaming. Yes the screw heads will tear off when forced too tight. It's meant to be hand tightened, it's good once it is heavy to turn. If it stops turning and you give it some more, it will snap like its a safety feature.
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    E4300 Multi...

    I know cpu-z reads default multi even if you drop it in bios. What does core temp say?
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    e6400 vs. e6300 and e6320 all under $200

    A higher multi helps if you are getting average board and rams... you can say it is 'easier' to OC. And, it doesn't matter what chip you get, once you hit colse to 3.8 ghz, you will be worrying about the heat. For example, with my set up, I am 'Tuniq' limited, as in, I borrowed my buds E6600 and...
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    Help: Need to remove Tuniq Tower back plate...

    On topic, just tell them the base is stuck on the board, they might not even care if it's missing. Or they can send the new one minus the base.;)
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    Help: Need to remove Tuniq Tower back plate...

    Must be the fan, you should feel air moving through even at Lo setting. You should get better temps than stock. I guesstimate your idle should be 28-30C at stock speed with Tuniq. Definetly RMA it and give us an update pls.