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    Why Don't We Feel Guilty In Video Games?

    I thought Mask of the Betrayer did a good job in this regard. I ended the game "acceptably", but chose to run off with my beau and explore the planescape instead of finish what I started, betraying Okku in the process. Curses, I didn't think of him! He was the one person (okay, bear god) in the...
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    Rust Programming Language Reaches 1.0 Alpha

    If this article hadn't pointed out that Mozilla was developing the language, would you have known? It's not even mentioned on To say that they're making the language for the "glory of the company" is silly. They're making a tool to use for their next gen browser engine...
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    No More Man-Eating Snakes, Fake Sharks on the Discovery Channel

    Raise your hand if you can still remember the Wild America intro jingle. Here's to hoping we're headed back in that direction.
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    SHIELD Drawing Tools Give Artists Full Command of Their Craft

    Really depends on your drawing style. The Intuoses require that you draw on and look at different places (your screen and the tablet). If you think that's a problem, get the Shield. I personally don't have a problem looking away from my hand as I draw, but I know some people who do. Also with...
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    SHIELD Drawing Tools Give Artists Full Command of Their Craft

    I feel like I would still just get a Cintiq Companion Hybrid for art on the go. It's hard to out-Wacom Wacom.
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    CNN Technology Analyst Thinks 4chan Is A Person

    Guys, I have some urgent security advice: change your "s" to a dollar sign. This is crucial.
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    Microsoft Considering Rebranding Internet Explorer

    There are pretty good reasons to rebrand. One is that a lot of websites don't do feature detection properly and go "Internet Explorer client? Deploy IE8 hack mode!" It's worse for IE mobile, because for the same reason sites will serve it crappy desktop experiences.
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    gpu usage....whats actually using it....shouldn't it be near zero?

    If your web browser has graphics acceleration on, scrolling (or possibly any redraws; not sure) could spike gpu usage.
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    The End of the Swipe-and-Sign Credit Card

    MC and Visa have had a PIN feature for a while now. During an online purchase, you get redirected to your bank's website where you review your transaction details and enter a PIN or password. It then returns you to the vendor website to finish the purchase. The vendor never sees your PIN. I...
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    Invisibility has ruined games for me

    I would pay good money to spend 10 minutes in a multiplayer match with you when global voice chat is on. Not even to play, just to listen and laugh.
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    Invisibility has ruined games for me

    Quake? You mean that game with the invisibility pickup? And playing Thief... is not the easy way out of anything. Period. ;)
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    Tim Cook Confirms New Arizona Factory Is for Sapphire Glass

    I wasn't even aware that the stuff was available for consumer products (I assume the watches with sapphire glass are relatively high end?). I thought they only went into lenses for military/industrial gauges, etc. Cool stuff.
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    STALKER: Lost Alpha

    I'm still psyched to play this, but the trailer itself was pretty lame. With a few exceptions, it's just a lot of flybys of areas we're all intimiately familiar with, with an extra topping the Stalker pathfinding quirks we know and love (?) for good measure. :p Also what the heck was up with...
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    AMD Catalyst 13.35 BETA Driver With Mantle and HSA Support Scheduled For End of Janu?

    Where's EVE currently at in the graphics department these days? I always thought the performance bottleneck issue was more on the server/network side than client rendering. (Been a long time since I logged in though.)
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    Headset That Helps Cure Gamer Rage?

    This is a pretty cool idea, just not for any of the ridiculously supid reasons the inventor mentioned. I can think of many games that I wish could detect when I wasn't even breaking a sweat, and then would increase the difficulty appropriately.