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    Why no Ghz progress?

    The wikipedia page explains it pretty well. An actual example of when out-of-order execution is advantageous takes enough time that its OT for this thread. And to answer your second question, no, neither the software nor the compiler needs...
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    Why no Ghz progress?

    Here's the math for you... In a processor, P = ACV^2f + tAVIshortf +VIleak Where A is the activity factor, C is the capacitance of the project, V is the voltage, f, is the frequency, t is the non-ideal switching time, Ishort is the short-circuit current in the transistors, and Ileak is the...
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    AMD's 128bit Bulldozer is a potential game changer

    Hyperthreading is a way of increasing the IPC - all it does is utilize pipe stalls for doing something useful rather than burn them. Essentially, HT is always going to provide a positive gain in performance, so it is something that would be beneficial for them to look at. There are a lot of...
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    Computer Engineering

    The best way is to get an internship, preferably with a well known company. Most larger companies will give preference to someone who has worked for them in the past. IBM, for example, does hundreds of internships every year; since it costs them roughly $5000 to put someone into their system...
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    Heat Issues with Opty 165

    iirc, its a CCBWE. The problem appears to be solved. I pulled the cpu out and looked at it, and the lid isn't anywhere close to flat, so I applied a little more as5 on the low parts. Apparently, that's where core 1 was, because now core 1 stays the same as core 2, and they're both around...
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    Heat Issues with Opty 165

    Yes... the heatsink has been installed correctly, and the as5 has burned in... temps dropped about 1-2C since I first installed it about 2 weeks ago. I'm an old hat at overclocking, but this is my first time doing a dual core, so the core temps being up to 10C different at times kind of freaked...
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    Heat Issues with Opty 165

    I have an Opty 165 with an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 on a DFI Lanparty DR-SLI expert. I was using the paste that came with the freezer 64, and I couldn't get it past 2.6 ghz (9x289) because of heat issues (core 1 was 60C under prime95), so I decided to move to AS5. With it applied, my idle...
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    VIA VB8001 Motherboard; available now?

    So I was wrong... there is a dual-core version coming.
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    I've used 3 and always had good experiences with them.
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    Baby Destroyed Flash Drive -- Repairable?

    I had the exact same thing happen about a month ago to a flash drive. I just did what 450 suggested and soldered on a cable. It looks ugly as butt, but it works now. The electronics inside are pretty difficult to damage, so I would bet that they are safe.
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    Which computer is the fastest?

    That's why there's [H]:D
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    Asus laptops?

    The build quality is high. Asus is def a brand I recommend.
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    I have to choose between 2 systems

    Yah... my bad.
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    I have to choose between 2 systems

    EDIT: wow I misread that
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    TF2 and the cheapest upgrade path

    What settings are you currently playing at?