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    Thief Video Card Performance Preview @ [H]

    Thanks for the review. Would be great to see some 1080p results for 120/144hz users - and this is where Mantle should shine due to improved CPU bound performance.
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    Came home to the fair scent of magic smoke...

    LoL at the GPU police xD must have shares. Good luck with your RMA, hope you get it.
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    Conclusion: Crossfire x2 R290X is overkill in my opinion

    I don't think it's overkill OP. 1 GPU isn't enough for 144hz 1080p or 60/75hz 1440p imo. Yeah I know 1080p is on the "low" side for MGPU these days, but to produce 144fps requires more muscle than 60fps at 1440p.
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    780 GTX overclock results

    Best I can get is 1306 at 1.28v with reference cards in SLI, but too hot for 24/7. I run 1228 1.21v in summer and 1267 1.25v in winter (or if I want a bump for demanding games) I've slightly adjusted fan curve so it's a little steeper, but it's not far from default. I don't find them noisy...
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    Water cooled: 290 vs 290x vs 780 classified

    Nice score. Can you run the current Heaven 4.0 and Valley at extreme presets please? Cheers.
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    Gtx680 SLI performace disappointing. Is this normal?

    Use Unigine Valley to test GPU scaling in SLI
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    Best single slot Card for Physix

    Unless you are going to use a Titan, there's no point in adding a dedicated PhysX card as it will only reduce performance.
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    Geforce 770 & 780 coming in May

    Set iFPSClamp to 60 in the Fallout.ini Be aware everytime you open the launcher config and change an option this will revert to its default setting.
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    Down-sampling = Eye-strain?

    I find using a resolution that is not a multiple for downsampling doesnt look so good. Either use 2x2 res, or 1x2, or 2x1 (width by height)
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    Enthusiast setups now CPU limited?

    They are only priced as such because there is no real competition atm.. but sure, dev's need to make better use of multithreading, and this should hopefully happen with the next gen of console ports. As it stands though, the way many current games are coded many games are CPU limited and run...
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    Enthusiast setups now CPU limited?

    Yeah its because of lack of competition on the CPU front.. It's pretty annyoing tbh as there are games that drop below 60fps even with the fastest CPU's available, let alone 120fps.
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    HardForum user Vega: Quad Titan 5Ghz 24/7 rig -- Possibly world's fastest non-LN2 rig

    I bet he's still a total n00b in BF3, CS, and SC2 xD And eww bezels.
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    3D Vision: Your best game experiences

    3D movies suck, I agree. 3D gaming is different in that you have total control of the image and are able to customise it to your liking. The same game can look very different depending on the depth and convergence settings you use.
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    3D Vision: Your best game experiences

    You need to adjust your contrast and/or brightness to remove or reduce it. Some displays are worse than others.
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    Nvidia Should Be Held Accountable For OverCharging With Lower Performance.

    They're not? Premium is too strong a word but in essence I think they are. AMD offer a value solution with less features and support. Nvidia offer a "premium" solution with more features and support. Thats all there is to it really. Theres a reason AMD have to undercut Nvidia in pricing...