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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Been playing Gears 5, pretty nice actually.
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    More DLSS...

    Well the effect is subtle but it does help, especially when using a lower render scale. I can take some more photos tomorrow, when you have a lower render scale it can make a bigger difference.
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    More DLSS...

    Off: On:
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    PS5 game box art revealed

    I like it. It looks clean.
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    More DLSS...

    Great. Guess I'm not going mad.
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    Samsung Odyssey: 49" 5120x1440, 240 Hz, HDR1000

    I think VA has improved. My Samsung Q7F is pretty acceptable but not perfect (in 4K 60Hz) My newest monitor is an IPS though, not sure I want to roll the dice with VA again unless I get confirmation it's fixed (especially at high refresh).
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    'NBA 2K21' Will Cost $70 USD for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Is this the new normal?

    Well no, but retro games also didn't have $265 million dollar budgets like GTA 5.
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    More DLSS...

    I thought Radeon Image Shapening was okay, but there were too many artifacts to be solid. It seems they added a sharpness percentage now in the driver panel, and that does help a bit. However FidelityFX is a step beyond RIS and doesn't suffer from as many artifacts.
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    HDR is very confusing, and it doesn't help that many sets claimed "HDR Ready" when they could only process the signal and not display it correctly. However, at least now we have Vesa certification, even though some people still think it's bogus. Let me just say my old Samsung TV had HDR...
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    Samsung Odyssey: 49" 5120x1440, 240 Hz, HDR1000

    Well it's 5K horizontal, and probably more pixels than any game can push at 240 Hz.
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    It's hard to say for sure, depends what type of VA. The early VA displays had a lot of black smear and overall a motion blur type of look. It wasn't the worst thing, but definitely noticeable. I know at least on my Samsung TV (2018) the blur is much less and pretty decent, but it didn't have...
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    Best Way to Test an HDR 1000 Monitor?

    So my new LG monitor is HDR 400, and I love it, but I'm interested in at least seeing what HDR 1000 looks like in gaming. What would be the best way to test out a set to see if I'm missing anything? I usually don't like using store return policy as a rental program, but what options do I have...
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    AMD XT Round Up

    Well if they changed the model number I could see that being a problem. They just added an XT to the end, so they are clearly implying it's a better bin of the same product line, which is fine to me.
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    'NBA 2K21' Will Cost $70 USD for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Is this the new normal?

    Well, it would have cost $80 today with inflation. But, for my original example, a $50 NES game from 1990 would cost $100 in 2020 dollars.
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    'NBA 2K21' Will Cost $70 USD for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Is this the new normal?

    Honestly, games today should be $100 if you consider how long they are and how much the budget is. NES games sold for like $50 bucks (which is much more today w/ inflation not even considering the developement time and budget were much less). Or you can consider a movie you might pay $20 and...