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    Cisco Security Manager to deploy IOS images?

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with a customer of mine that wants to run CSM 3.3 SP1 for a couple of major reasons - 1. To deploy IOS upgrade to over 900 routers 2. Change PSK on the DMVPN tunnels every 6/12 months. I've been banging my head against a wall looking for any books on the...
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    Happy Holidays from Cisco

    One of my co workers sent this to me today, check it out. It involves some Logos and some singing.
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    Opps- Cisco ASA5505 vpn help

    I thought he stated he was still having a problem getting out to the internet? The configuration I am talking about would be the ASA's configuration, not the layout of the network. If help is still needed, post up !
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    Opps- Cisco ASA5505 vpn help

    Do you have a global address pool? It would look something like: global (1) interface nat (1) If you don't have those, you wouldn't have any NAT going on for outgoing connections. Post up your config, with the personal info removed of course, that will help.
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    "Backordering" a Domain - legalities?

    Thanks for all of the input. After having a cooldown from everything, I was considering keeping the backorder on to transfer to them for the cost, if I do get it. I think it is definitely better to have the "I save your domain, morons" on my side. It isn't a downturn in the economy causing...
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    "Backordering" a Domain - legalities?

    Yeah it's a touchy subject, not sure what direction to go in. The backorder thing does seem sketchy. I was never responsible for the domain names, but after the DNS service renewal was never paid, I did some investigating into the domains to see when they expired, and I warned them about it...
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    "Backordering" a Domain - legalities?

    I have a weird situation that I am wondering the legalities of. Basically the place I used to work for part time - they laid me off due to not wanting any part timers working at the facility in any department. They laid off the network guy that actually does work, Me! Long story short, I...
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    Dell Manged Switches

    Does anyone have any experience with Dell Managed switches? I took an IT position PT that has a bunch of 3448 switches and Adtran routers (yuck). There is no documentation to speak of, and I have been charged with setting up VLANs... is there a way to find where the switches are plugged into...
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    vage- I have my AP hanging off a VLAN on my switch for just the blue network (wireless). You can also connect the AP using a crossover cable on the switch portion (or plug a straight through into the uplink port on the router), if that is the only device you need on the blue network. I have...
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    If anyone else is as security aware (notice I didnt say paranoid :D) as I am, then I prefer to have the 4 colored networks on my IPCop. Servers have their own subnet Wireless has their own subnet Wired has their own subnet I like the fact that there is so much control, for basically a...
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    :eek: I expect you to turn in your geek card by the end of today. Anyone can plug in a crappy crash-ridden product and have it work. Those of us that want a more powerful firewall/router solution would rather have these devices that can do so much more than just gateway routing.
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    How do I tighten my laptop screen?

    Next time you tighten your screws, remove them and put red threadlocker on them. You can get the threadlocker from your favorite local auto parts store or even at walmart. Only need a dab of it, but it should keep them from backing out on you as quickly (if at all). As for your stripped...
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    Cisco MARS Certifications

    Is anyone familiar with Cisco MARS and any training courses/certifications? I've been charged with getting to know the MARS box to support it. Another thing, anyone taken the CCSP bootcamps? Do they go over MARS in the IDS portion of the boot camp? How hard was it? I've been supporting...
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    Cisco 2800's CSU DSU?

    You could also go with the Multiflex T1 card - they have 1 and 2 port models. These can be used for PRIs as well as data T1. Part numbers: VWIC-1MFT-T1= (~$1,300 MSRP) VWIC-2MFT-T1= (~$2,000 MSRP)
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    Trixbox and IPCop - Phones from remote locations

    I've got a problem, I have a Trixbox setup on my orange subnet of my IPCop. (See network "diagram" below). It works great from inside the firewall, and over site to site VPNs. I can call out to a SIP provider and can call in from them as well. The only issue I am having is with phones...