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    Favorite MGS

    Personally my favorite metal gear soild game has to be MGS3 just for the incredible story and emotinal impact. Although i think MGS4 really perfects the controls, mgs 3 has got to be my favorite in terms of overall impact on the my perception on the series. But please, voice your opnion.
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    Top 10 most terrifying enemies

    The Cyber Demon in Doom 1-2, i mean, once he awoke you could hear his footsteps anywhere in the level! It freaked me out when i was 4 years old playing with my dad and it still freaks me out at 18. Oh, and this fish creature in Half-life. jumping into that resovior and never knowing where...
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    GTA...Overhyped, your opinions?

    I finally got the game last night and played for a good 3 and 1/2 hours. Now i really want to state that i am not a GTA fan. I really didnt like any of the other games but i find this very impressive. Bellic is a great character and the story does grab me. The one complaint i will have for this...
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    Average age of your fellow GAMERS

    Im 18. I wouldnet consider myself a hardcore gamer anymore. The finacial burden of car payments and a girlfriend have really taken a toll on my gaming money. Not to mention my bar tab every other night.(In Canada, you can drink at 18)
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    What games do you think have held up best over time?

    Doom 1 and 2. Still play almost every night. "Mom, dont answer the phone." "Ring, Ring" "Hello?" WEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAA "God damn it mom!"
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    your best gaming memories?

    By far the greatest gaming moment was playing Doom over dial-up modem with my buddys. "Mom, don't answer the phone!" -Ring,Ring "Hello?" Wee yaaaaaaaaaaaa...... "Damn it mom. don't answer the phone!" Man if i could go back.......
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    360 Racing Wheel Lag?

    I'm up to date as of the last major 360 update soo..... probably version 2.Now
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    360 Racing Wheel Lag?

    I recently picked up the MS 360 Racing wheel and while beeing failry impressed i cant help but notice a sense of lag when steering. When i installed the PGR 3 disc with the drivers i was expecting some kind of initial set up or loading screen, instead the disc went straight to the game. The...
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    Gaming and Smoking

    I am also a smoker at 17, yeh i know im a kid, but typically i only play games before bed. I will play for 1-2 hours, have a drag in between and play for 30min-1hour then hit the hay but i never brag about it. But if i wasnt playing games i would still need to step out before bed so its not like...
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    Locating Guitar Hero 2 in Canada

    I have been having a brutal time trying to track down a copy of Guitar hero 2 for the 360. I live in Calgary. Everywhere i phone is completley sold out but i did talk to a EB games employee who said Guitar hero 2 has actually been recalled. I guess that would make sense as Futureshop and Bestbuy...
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    C&C3 love it or hate it ??

    I really enjoy the game and the classic gameplay is downright fun. My only complaint is about the corny FMV. I know TS and RA2 FMV was rather ridiculous but i always thought C&C 1 and RA 1 was much more serious. I have always been fasinated with the C&C lore and have established my own theorys...
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    Replaying Doom3

    Doom 3 was a really decent game. The game play wasn't revolutionary but that wasnt really what id set out to do in the first place. I actually liked the whole PDA idea and thought it was an interesting way to tell a story about horrific things after the fact. It created atmosphere as you would...
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    Hot dog, it C&C 3 week, I can't wait..anyone else

    Out of interest, have any of you been able to play online? im registered with ea and log in and all but when ever i try connecting the damn thing freezes up on me and i have to reboot. And yes i am running with the 1.2 patch and no im not using vista. Anyone else notice this?
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    Anyone running STALKER on an x800?

    Im using a single x800xl, the rest of the specs are in my sig. Im currently running everything high with static lighting. I havent checked my acutal FPS but from my impression the game runs very smooth. there is a little bit of stuttering initially when you start but other then similar...
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    Starcraft vs Company of Heroes

    Like many have said before, this is a ridculous comparison. Starcraft was badass in its day and is still a deep and balanced RTS. CoH while not quite as mindblowing, is a game i would persoanlly rather play. Keep in mind your also comapring WW2 era gameplay vs crazy scince fiction alien warfare...