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    Tracking The Homeless With GPS

    Compassion is a dish best served warm. We are all members of the human race and just about all of us aside from the 1 percent are just a paycheck away from being neighbors with the homeless.
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    The iOS Alternative To The Oculus Rift?

    I'm sure there are some morons that would purchase this. They'd probably wear it walking down the street.
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    Stephen Hawking: God Particle Could Wipe Out the Universe

    It'd be a good way to make these darn kids quit texting.
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    Netflix And Dish Ask FCC To Block Comcast-TWC Merger

    I have had pretty good experience with Comcast customer service over the years. But recently I was having some problems with my set top boxes having sporadic connection loss. The boxes were fairly old and outdated. So, I called them and they told me that they would replace them. I expected a...
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    Facebook Is Down

    Just about every time I go to FB all I see is kittens hiding in boxes and dogs eating couches. The one time I'm waiting for my Grandson to message me to let me know when his plane is coming in from Virginia...FB is down.
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    PlayStation Now Is Still Way Too Expensive

    I think that deal is ok Sony, because that deal is about 75 days longer than I'd play those games
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    50 Minute Unreal Tournament Sequel Preview

    The original UT was great. I played it many hours. Just make the same game with the same characters, maps, weapons and we'll be good.
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    15 Minutes Of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    Anything Borderlands gets my money...Best series in years. Just overlook the faults and have fun.
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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Smaller Than Borderlands 2?

    I have all 6 characters at OP8 lol. I have 3000 hours playing according to Steam :) I need a new Borderlands game for another year and a half of fun.
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    YouTube Hurts Music Album Sales, Research Finds

    I don't really buy too much music, but the tactics the Recording Industry are using makes me not want to buy any music at all. If there are very many people that think like I do, then that's where they are losing a lot of money. Youtube already runs ads before most videos play, why doesn't the...
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    Comcast Is The Worst Company In America 2014

    I have lived in this house for 14 years. When I first moved here it was Roadrunner cable (awesome), they sold out to AT&T also pretty good. Then Comcast took over about 10 years ago. They sent a tech out here to check my equipment (I own my modem and router). The tech took down the MAC# and...
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    Texting Could "Lower Life Expectancy'

    OK, back to smoking
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    Comcast Spreads Cash Wide On Capitol Hill

    Rabbit Ears are looking pretty good right now. $500.00 cable bills coming to a monthly statement near you soon.
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    Texting And Walking More Risky Than Distracted Driving

    Human intelligence did a slow climb to peak in about 1995, then has gone down a pretty steep cliff since.
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    Microsoft Cancels Security Essentials for Windows XP

    Microsoft is obligated to support their operating systems security as long as they are still being used. To protect others from them.