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    Powershell scripting advice on disabling Services and tasks

    Thanks for the tips. Going to work on them. Nice thing is I have a way to remote execute this stuff as the admin or through the system account. Thanks for the warning going to try it on my machine first and see. This is kind of what I needed to get started. Been too long since I had to do this...
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    Events in Windows 10

    You need to roll back to 1909 the newest update was the 2004 update. Find that and remove it. If necessary you might want to use Windows Creator and reinstall at 1909. The Microsoft website will have that for you to do. The biggest issue of you need to think of is the 2004 update is like...
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    Ready made Windows 7 iso with SP1, USB3, NVME, and cumulative security roll-up slip-streamed?

    Been there done that a while ago now. One nice thing about Windows 10 is the current installer is usually pretty close to the current install. Whereas Win 7 and before it was install the base. Run updates about 10 times so you could reboot and get batchews of updates done. Oh yeah and spend 4-5...
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    Powershell scripting advice on disabling Services and tasks

    Hi all, Not sure if this is exactly the right place for this. If not Mods please move it. So here is the problem I've got. Windows is getting slower again with all the stupid update services, tasks, and general garbage running int he background. What I would like to do is set up a script in...
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    If the lockdown wasn't bad enough Windows 10 continues to screw life up

    Sometimes that is true and sometimes it was good old Windows. Have had to rescue a couple of people due to corrupted profiles and other issues with the last couple of updates. The 2004 seems to be holding it was the updates to 1909 that caused problems. Wish as well they woudl fix the three...
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    BSODs When Win10 VM is launched in Hyper-V

    FIFY Yeah the last couple of updates have had some issues. I've been running into some strange stuff as well. Also have had a few profiles corrupt. There are times you wish you could be like Linux and never upgrade. But then again it you don't you get more vulnerable. Thanks for posting the...
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    :) If you have the cash might as well! Problem is too many people are partially out of work and need to save cash. Sounds like it would be a great time to pick up an older card, save the cash and use it for something that might last a bit longer! Just saying. Though I am sure the new card will...
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    How much RAM you got?

    Around 16GB at the moment for most things seems to be the sweet spot. A bunch here do a whole lot more than the usual office worker so 32 or 64 makes more sense. 8GB usually works just fine but we have been defaulting to 16GB at least for systems that have more memory hungry apps like Accounting...
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    Memory occupancy mystery

    You would think that most of these memory leaks would have been solved long ago. Surprised that one has not been pulled and fixed. Thanks again for sharing. Reminds to monitor a couple of customer PC's. Might be a driver that is the problem!
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    Are Samsung QVO SSD's good for storage?

    To add to the ongoing discussion. Local backups are nice until you have a flood, power surge, fire or other disaster. The you are quite likely totally hosed. I always recommend to my customers with how cheap cloud storage is now to in addition to local backup always have a cloud based backup...
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    Samsung Magician Drive Health Accuracy

    Well you always have a bunch of updates running in the background. Look at Adobe, edge, office etc... they run checks many times every hour. Wouldn't surpirse me in the update a log file every single time. That word doc is backing up temporarily evry 5 minutes (or whatever you have it set to)...
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    opinions on Drobo for DAS or NAS?

    You always have to hate when its fully propitiatory. They talk about backup but how good is it really. Sure you have hardware on the cheap off eBay, but what does the monthly service run you? Have you calculated out the cost of regular service and just how covered you really are. A NAS or DAS is...
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    Get speedfan working on Dell XPS 15

    I was never all that impressed with Speedfan anyway. That Argus monitor looks interesting. Have to save that link and try it. When I am traveling oversea especially in Southeast Asia having something to control and montior the temp becomes even more useful. Thanks for posting.
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    to wifi or not to wifi, that is the question lol

    I'm with J Macker on this. And yes Comcast says you have 300 MBps but in reality you will almost never get anywhere close to that. Between congestion on the network, WiFi limitations and all the translations, dropped packets, etc... Your speed will always be way reduced. If you sting wires...
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    Looking for help picking a monitor

    The other question would be what are you primarily getting the new monitor for to do? You going to use it primarily for gaming or doing regular computer stuff with a little gaming on the side? I wear my computer glasses now as the eye sight isn't what it used to be! that may end up being the...