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    What's the realistic lifespan of bookshelf active speaker?

    I honestly expect my active speakers to last until I want to get rid of them, which is to say forever. I haven’t had a failure in my lifetime
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    Logitech Switch Issues

    That’s interesting. I have g502s for many. My ears now without an issue ... but can’t say that about Logitech’s keys. They fall apart just by looking at them.
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    Caught the upgrade bug, upgrading from Crucual MX100 128GB to 2TB SSD or 2TB nvme (X570)

    I’m in the same situation right now, i did a stupid and bought 2 256 m2s years ago and it was never enough space. Trying to decide on a 2 or go double again... but this is for a laptop, I’d just go big in a desktop
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    G810 keys falling off, logitech offers free upgrade to G910 as a replacement take it or something else?

    I have 3 g910s and the keys breaking off is a serious issue. Poor design
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    How Tad are you?

    Lol that’s awesome. I’ve gotten few mistakes in my life... but that cherry coke can in the 24 pack of coke was very welcome. I like oddities, keep it!
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    Cleaning your keyboard in the dishwasher

    Car parts lol. Yeah, I can see why the wife would get mad. the kitchen really is a good place for working on hardware. Between the stove and dishwasher, that’s a solid setup
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    5960x CPU upgrade to a xeon?

    Agreed. This clocks better than my 6850
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    what do you do with old video cards

    unfortunately, I usually throw Mine out... didn’t really know a used market for really old stuff existed I threw out the originally monster 3D accelerator with box that I bought to play Turok recently lol
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    Old AMD GPU destroys Nvidia in Doom Eternal

    That is hilarious. I literally have one of thee cards sitting on the bottom of my case. Who would have thought
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    GTX 1650ti thread - Another AMD threat

    agreed. I don’t buy much hardware anymore, but when I do I am old school and I go for the second from the top.Back in the day, far fewer choices and usually the second card was value for the money and could play most anything out there
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    MSI motherboard RMA issues [poor customer support][

    That makes sense, and its likely what i'll do.. if it were dead, I'd have already done it. but technology moves a bit fast for that. no point in me buying a 4-500 dollar X99 mobo when i can get a 7800x and a mobo for 650. 'advanced rma' is the modern norm. I was actually surprised when they...
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    MSI motherboard RMA issues [poor customer support][

    Talked to a supervisor, who will also not resolve my issue.
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    MSI motherboard RMA issues [poor customer support][

    No, its having issues with one of the USB hubs being turned off. was having post issues with USB code, two techs confirmed they believe it a motherboard issue. The issue that prompted the tech to act in such a way was that I requested an RMA where I would get my board before sending mine back...
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    MSI motherboard RMA issues [poor customer support][

    A member of the MSI customer support staff just told me I was a wasting his time and hung up on me. I actually asked him, if, in fact, on this recorded call he was telling me that I was a waste of time.... and he said "yes", and explained why. Would not get me a supervisor. Basically, I have a...
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    Selling my RX570s to upgrade.. what to get

    Not gonna bite on the frontier edition. in order to get it to work with 6 monitors, i would need a Displayport hub. I have one at work, and all i can say is that they aren't the most reliable (in my experience). Sometimes the monitors on the hub will go black, then come back. sometimes i will...