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    Tea on a Motherboard. Assistance?

    Always wondered if the CMOS battery should be removed asap and during cleaning/drying? Isn't at least part of the mobo energized while the battery is attached??:confused:
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    Need help troubleshooting

    Off the wall things to check... On/Off switch might be sticking PSU might be on the way out CPU fan might be spinning too slowly (it IS spinning?) Hard drive might be dying (run diagnostic if possible or check in another system) Look at capacitors...any of them leaking, crusty, or puffy?
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    I tried this with an old Socket 754 motherboard. After about 5 minutes at 380 degrees, the capacitors started exploding like popcorn. One actually blew itself off the board. Needless to say, that board is now "fixed".
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    Got the 2 CPUs today. The 1.0 Ghz works great in my little Compaq system. The 1.13 doesn't seem...

    Got the 2 CPUs today. The 1.0 Ghz works great in my little Compaq system. The 1.13 doesn't seem to want to work but I think it is because the mobo won't support it. I'm going to do some further checking on compatibility but the board is so old that info is scarce. Thanks for the smooth...
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    Protection using a wireless router

    So deadman, what they are telling you is ANY kind of router, with ANY kind of password, and ANY kind of protection (be it WEP, WPA or ABC) is better than what you have now. Get something, hook it up (per the manual), and move on!
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    Overclocking Help (AMD 64x2 3800+)

    I've got two X2 3800+ chips on two different boards (Asrock SataII & Epox m-ATX) and both do 2.6 easily. To be honest, I don't run them over 2.2 because I'm interested in stability, low heat, and low noise. Running at 2.6 seemed a little snappier but, for what I do, I saw no great benefit. The...
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    Partition advice for new drive that will be for OS

    I believe you can repair/reinstall your OS without disturbing games/programs IF you have kept things on separate partitions. Of course any updates you might have made to the OS will probably be lost but you should be able to get the basic OS back. I'm sure others will come along that can give...
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    Heat Issues

    Where are you getting those temps from and what is it reading (i.e. what is MB?) CPU temps don't look too bad. Have you tried running with the side of the case open to see if ventilation is a problem?
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    New build turns on for one second and then turns off.

    I checked the ASUS site and your mobo should support the CPU. Going back and looking at your pictures again, I have to agree that something looks odd with those standoff holes. It looks as if some of the solder has been knocked off. There may indeed be a grounding problem OR the board may...
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    New build turns on for one second and then turns off.

    The two things that come to mind are: 1) CPU overheat protection kicking in due to poor HSF to CPU contact OR fan not being sensed by mobo; 2) On/off switch on case is sticking (this usually results in shutdown after 5 seconds tho). One other thing to check is overheat protection settings...
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    IHS removal 3800X2 (939)

    I removed the IHS from an Opteron and found that I had to tweak the heatsink retention mech to get good contact. Basically had to shave/sand down the height of the bracket a bit. After all that work, I got a 2-3 degree temp drop and no better overclocks. In my case, it wasn't worth it. My $0.02
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    Comp wont boot

    When you say that you "reset the motherboard" does that mean you reset the CMOS/BIOS? I would also try unplugging the HDD power molex and data cables and see if you can get a beep. The other thing you can try is unplugging the power cord from the wall, press and hold the case power button for a...
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    Wierd issue with the puter starting back up.

    I'm not familiar with that card but I think you need to check the software settings. Check things like "wake on LAN" and other "wake" settings. That's my first guess!
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    Computer Lockups.

    JKownz, Sounds like a video driver issue to me. I had a couple of games from the same company the would freeze when things started to get complicated/fast. Got an updated video driver and things went smoothly. You might try posting this in the Gaming area to see if they can help! Good Luck!
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    Computer is dead, ideas on problem?

    You mention that the HSF is NOT spinning. The initial screech could have been the fan failing which caused your CPU to overheat and fry. Have you checked your CPU?? Also, some motherboards won't POST unless a working HSF is detected. My $0.02