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    How many games do you need to buy?

    I tend to buy a bunch until I find that one game that sucks in all my time. Bought 10+ games on the Quest 2 during various sales, ended up playing Eleven Table Tennis exclusively...
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    Are you bending your alder-lake?

    Big oof, I hope this doesn't bleed over into the laptop CPUs. You're SOL there.
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    Nvidia unveils AI-powered downscaling DLDSR and ray tracing filter

    Wow, free AA. I imagine removing any form of in-game AA and using this would actually be better IQ wise, and you'll gain performance too.
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    Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

    At this point I've already been scammed out of my Kickstarter payment. Squadron 42 ended up being a separate purchase and is actually what I fucked paid for, not this generic MMORPG Eve Online wannabe bullcrap.
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    Firefox has pushed me as far as I'm going to be pushed

    Bing is hands down the best when it come to more personal materials. To OP: if you want things to just work, stick with the masses' stuff, use Chrome or IE. Anything else you're playing dice with support, and even then you'll need to stick to a specific, known good version for many of the...
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    Best <= $500 Email/Web box for pops?

    Grab a cheap tablet with a keyboard cover, should be good for all his needs. If he can handle it, I would grab a cheap Samsung phone that supports Samsung DeX, a USB-C dock and a cheap monitor. Samsung DeX is a really good desktop replacement for stuff like this, plus he would have all his data...
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    Anything similar to the G502?

    Check out this site for mice reviews, guy knows his stuff: He has information on grip and comfort based on your hand's dimensions.
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    Elder Scrolls 6 will release for Xbox and PC only

    I find it fascinating that people are complaining about setting up a PC for couch gaming. You only need 1 gaming machine, plugged into your media system. All your work, etc... can be done remotely via Wake-on-LAN and remote desktop on a thin client. If you prefer the reverse there's Geforce...
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    Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Executive VP of Gaming, advocates for game preservation

    This is likely just a water test to see the community reaction. If it's positive, they're likely pushing towards this direction, in order to not have to "remaster" but still can resell you "emulated" games. Nothing virtuous about it.
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    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    Pretty off-topic but it's hilarious that anytime somebody complains about things not working in Linux, it's always the same responses pushing the blame elsewhere. THAT is why Linux will never take off. As an OS, it is its job to make sure things run on it, not the other way around. MS learnt...
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    MediaTek announces Dimensity 9000, it has a lot of firsts.

    Since AMD went with Exynos, unless Nvidia acquires ARM I think they'll eventually partner with MediaTek as their GPU solution. The mobile market is too big to ignore.
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    Bleh. Formatted my 12TB drive by accident when installing W11.

    The very first thing I would do right now is buy another drive and do a sector copy to that drive before anything else, so that you won't be fucked if something goes sideways.
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart of Chernobyl

    I wish they remaster the OG STALKERS and incorporate some of the best mods, cause I remember the OG STALKER games have CPU performance issues.
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    GTC November 2021 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

    Looking at the crazy number of projects that Nvidia alone is running alongside GPUs, who knows how many other projects AMD and Intel is running, I'm not surprised we're in a huge chip shortage situation. What surprises me more is how comfortable Jensen is talking about anything and everything...
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    $600 conundrum, 1080ti vs 3060

    Wait wtf if he wants to play games like that even a 1060 or 980 would suffice, why would you buy a 1080Ti or a 3060? I completely forgot about that part when I wrote my reply.