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    Jim Sterling (Destructoid) changes stance on piracy

    Actually, they do, and it very much is. It is a general principle of psychology.
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    Cats 11.12EB drivers fix crossfire scaling in Skyrim

    The DLL fix is working fine on my Crossfire 6870's. Interestingly, the majority of the load is on the secondary card. 99% secondary load and 80% primary. Up from 45%-35% pre-DLL.
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    I've bought AMD because they've usually provided decent bang for the buck.
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    BD launch date/stepping

    At this rate I wouldn't put it past them to just cancel it and push out another dumbass APU. I'm done with these clowns.
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    122 Key IBM Model M

    Not sure but give a visit. Lots of reference material and knowledgeable forum members.
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    Calling those who have AMD HD6000 series crossfire, please do something for me..

    Usually around 90% on both 6870s with a Phenom II X4 @ 3250.
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    XFX 6870 issues?

    Is it a reference design card?
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    Antec One Hundred Gaming Case

    Typical Antec. Plenty of standard exhaust. No standard intake. *facepalm* Typical Antec.
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    EVO 3D, exposure blending?

    I doubt the stock camera app will have such a setting but I'd reckon a 3rd party app will be out with such a feature in 3-6 months.
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    Sprint now the #1 Android carrier

    Hooray. :rolleyes: Now if only they'd get around to tending to their stillborn dead-in-the-water WiMAX network.
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    AMD FX 8 Core and 4 Core Processor Systems Seen Running at E3

    That's yet to be proven. All the has been proven is how their "native # core design" marketing gimmick is meaningless and has fizzled in the past.
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    AMD FX 8 Core and 4 Core Processor Systems Seen Running at E3

    Oh boy the good ol "native # core design" marketing gimmick they love so dearly. This is promising :rolleyes:
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    Cheap rotary tool?

    You can usually get a nice cordless set from Harbor Freight for about $25-30. Maybe less if you don't care about cordless.
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    I have a 6870, is it really worth it for Crossfire for games?

    Driver support for new games is pretty poor so you usually have to wait at least a month or deal with ridiculous issues (I'm looking at you, Witcher 2 light blobs). Otherwise CrossFired 6870's are awesome.