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    AVP demo is live!

    Should've made it team dm, idiots.
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    AVP thoughts and impressions

    How come everything related to aliens or predators these days has to suck? These are two powerhouse franchises it's a shame to see shit like AVP, Reqium and this game take a dump on two great classic series'.
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    AVP thoughts and impressions

    My thoughts? This is Rogue Warrior 2 with AVP slapped over the title.
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    Strategies for MW2

    What a wussy tactic, learn how to aim instead.
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    AVP demo is live!

    Glad they released this so I can find out how shitty it is, wouldn't expect anything less from the folks who brought us "Rogue Warrior". I'll stick with the Jaguar game.
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    Strategies for MW2

    Those clip on pieces of plastic? Seriously, the tiny amount of extra leverage you're getting by using those does nothing. Just increase your aiming sensitivity and get used to it, thats pretty much the effect you're getting by using those.
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    So far: Liking my PS3 Slim, but...

    Haha, discussion about third world poverty results in first world temper tantrums. Way to go, time to change your pampers.
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    Blood Bowl

    You're a genius. I saw the game listing on Steam a few days ago and thats what I based the assumption on, not this thread.
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    Blood Bowl

    Turn based? Looking at it on steam I thought it'd be like that old Pig Skin football game for the Genesis... darn
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    screw Gamestop

    Well not all gamestops operate the same way, but I've been to some really shitty ones that do this as well.
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    New game from the devs of Titan's Quest: Grim Dawn

    Here is as good a place as any. Anyways I paid for TQ when it was first released and still think it is one of the better Diablo type games. I might consider a donation after reading up on the game more.
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    Tekken 6 or Soul Calibur 4?

    I'm a bigger fan of SC but I think the series took a nosedive after 2.
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    Doctor Who - It's about time!

    Thats pretty cool. I guess my girlfriend will be looking forward to this, never got into DR.WHO as much myself.
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    MW2 - single player comment...

    Theres no infinite spawn points in mw2
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    Duke Nukem Forever: Behind the Laughter

    I was over it years ago, still love Duke 3D and regard it highly. I did post at 3Drealms trying to give support to push the game forward and everything, I feel that time was pretty much wasted but the community there cares a great deal about the game, it's pretty sad how these people stuck with...