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    Apartment Building has CAT5 ports, can I use them?

    From the looks of the cabling panel, each wall box has 2 cat5e cables going to it. One cable terminates to the board on the left with the ethernet ports, and the other being tied into the right side board with punch downs which are probably all paralleled together for use as a regular phone...
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    Options for directional antennas?

    You could use 2 of these: Ubiquiti Networks Nanobeam M5 NBE-M5-19 High-Performance 19 dBi airMAX Bridge: Computers & Accessories
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    SnapRAID help...

    It hard locked my entire system once every few weeks and required force restarting. I was using it on a windows server 2008 on OEM hardware that had zero issues until flexraid was installed. Installed Linux + Snapraid on the system after attempting to diagnose flexraid's problems with no...
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    SnapRAID help...

    I highly recommend against using any Flexraid products. I had used it in the past and after finding out how unreliable it was in Windows, attempted to switch to Linux only to find out the "license" doesn't allow switching OS and I would have to purchase the product all over again. I have been...
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    Hub broadcasting vs switch routing

    Hubs simply broadcast any traffic that comes into them from any of their own ports. So if there was traffic that was traveling on the switches and simply being switched to any port other than the one the hub is on, the hub will not see that traffic.
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    Testing new HDDs. What should I do?

    The only real way I know of for burning disks in is using a 4 pass badblocks run. Definitely use smartmontools for SMART monitoring too.
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    Public Utility just installed a Smart Meter anyting to worry about?

    I believe he is referring to power factor. In alternating current electricity, the power factor is the difference in phase between the current wave and the voltage wave. If both the waves are perfectly in sync, i.e. the peak current happens precisely when peak voltage occurs, you have a 1 power...
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    Need a pro to check these SMART readings.

    Regarding seek error, I've noticed that Seagate seems to report their info drastically differently than other manufacturers. See here for more info:
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    Need a pro to check these SMART readings.

    I'll just throw out that you can most certainly use smartmontools in a windows enviroment. I use it in both all the time!
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    Need a pro to check these SMART readings.

    I suggest you use a program that translates the raw hex smart values, such as smartmontools. Smart data is encoded in hex and the only data that could be "read" would be the parameters which report a decimal value, such as reallocated sectors. Thus you can do a simple hex>dec conversion. For...
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    Minimum broadband speed you could live with?

    Who cares if my other tasks don't saturate it 99% of the time, if there are 1% of extremely crucial times where I need the bandwidth.
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    Minimum broadband speed you could live with?

    No, I'm quite sure I'd move to a completely different country if I was "forced" to live with 25 down.... That is an absurdly slow speed for today's technology.
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    Minimum broadband speed you could live with?

    I'm kinda surprised at how low everyone's numbers are. I pretty much can't stand anything below 100Mbps symmetric. Ideally I'd have at least 500Mbps symmetric.
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    Is Comcast throttling customers? Is there a data cap? Everything is so slow.

    I am on an overloaded node and for 2.5 weeks straight I couldn't do anything because my latency was over 4000ms and speed in the 5Mbps range. Techs have verified my line and signals were perfect multiple times and told me it was all do to node congestion....