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    Monoprice 10th Anniversary Sale-Day 1 Mechanical Keyboard $90.86

    paid with paypal earlier this month, my bank then got automatically cancelled and according to my bank, their merchant account vender that processes online payments got hacked. i like monoprice but this is my last order.
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    My Thermaltake Armor A30 Review

    this is the same tired old Tt lanbox from 2006 but they added a fan on top where people used to mod them. its a nightmare to work with because the sides don't come off (only the top), and the PSU over the CPU means you can't even use a decent heat sink. thnx for bumping a year old thread.
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    MonoPrice Hacked, CC Info Compromised?

    don't mean to thread necro but I ordered an hdmi cable and right angle adapter from monoprice on June 9th and a day later my bank was contacted regarding a compromised merchant. In all my years of using paypal I have never had an issue like this.
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    ACLU App Lets Android Users Secretly Tape Police

    in NJ if you are pulled over and your phone is unlocked, the police will go through your calls, texts, and contacts.
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    Nexus 7 Tablet Hands-On

    no HDMI output... really? I would take ANY 7" IPS screen tablet from China over this with the new Rockchip or Allwinner chipset.
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    Real-Life Zombie Shooter Takes Off

    I thought it was "magic missle. magic missile! MAGIC MISSLE! awww, outta mana... "
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    you probably want to socket a ruby in the helm for the XP bonus while leveling. edit: beat by the post above.
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    diablo 3 accounts hacked

    Not everyone lives online, some of us (obviously not you ) actually spend time doing things other than trolling forums. This is the first Blizzard game I have purchased in 10 years and there was no way to know that D3 would degenerate into either using the phone / key fob authenticator or losing...
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    Diablo III Hacking?

    my account just got locked. I got a chat request through gmail from someone I didn't know, didn't play at all yesterday, and woke up this morning to a lockdown email from Blizzard.
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    Diablo III Hacking?

    wouldn't be surprised if these same people who have had their gear and gold stolen also installed a .dll injector map hack. Of note also if you read the 20+ page on the official D3 forums, most are noticing the same player names in their recently played list.
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    Fiat Photo Bombs VW On Street View

    if you had a billions of dollars to invest as opposed billions of dollars in debt, I think that would be a clear indication of success regardless of whether it impresses some random on a technology forum or not.
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    Fiat Photo Bombs VW On Street View

    the Volkswagen Audi Gruppe revived the Bugatti brand as an engineering exercise. Former CEO of VAG Ferdinand Piech boasted that it would be produce 1000hp and achieve speeds over 250mph before any design had been done. VAG also owns Lambo and Bentley along with SEAT and Skoda, and recently...
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    Yahoo Investor Says CEO Lied About Tech Degree

    in Japan, Yahoo auctions are more popular than ebay.
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    People Still Send Death Threats To Game Developers?

    you are asking to get shot
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    I Want a new Tablet

    the Kindle has 512MB of RAM and 1.0GHz OMAP, the NOVO7 Aurora has 1GB of DDR3 and an ARM overclocked to 1.5GHz. I can appreciate your hands on experience but Ainol has 5 versions of the NOVO7 now and with the micro SD slot, a much nicer screen, shipping with ICS, you are paying more for the...