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    Western Digital Green EARX 2TB - $99 after $20 instant @newegg (+free shipping)

    Pretty solid, I got one a month ago or so for $130ish shipped. It's THE quietest high storage drive according to SPCR.
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    Teen Drops Out for Guitar Hero Pro Career

    See ya at McDonalds in a few years Blake!
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    Seagate 1TB - $159 - Zipzoomfly

    Holy hell... $150 for 1Tb? Where have I been? Last I checked they were $400+. Wow, guess I'm out of the loop. How are these anyway? Quiet? Fast?
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    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi SB0670 (Xtreme Music) $33.69+ ~$8 S/H at

    Search torrent sites for modded X-FI CD. Or search Creative's forums. I had a copy of the CD but I sold my XFI a long time ago. I guarantee there's a way to get the drivers to work, and to run the software (Volume Panel, etc...) off the install CD, because I bought an OEM Xtrememusic and got it...
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    Subway has all Footlongs $5. Gamer Food

    I get the $5 deal but add double meat. Still, $7 bucks for a fully stacked footlong, you can't beat it. :) I put half in the fridge so one lasts me two days at work.
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    5 Reasons to Ditch the Mac For a PC

    I only need one: Windows > Mac
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    2008 Lian Li PC-V1000

    Hey donk. Way to take my post out of context. I'm talking about the heatpipes.
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    2008 Lian Li PC-V1000

    Dudes, I own a V1000B and have dealt with three other V series cases: one with a Striker, one with a P5WDH-Dlx, one with a Commando, and one with an A8N. These are quite heat-pipe intensive boards. I noticed no difference in chipset temperature when I turned the cases upside-down. Given that you...
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    2008 Lian Li PC-V1000

    This has been disproven countless times...
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    New build- Lian Li

    Nicely done! I'm a sucker for nicely wired Lian Lis. I would definitely classify that as "smokin' fast." Conroe, G80, P35, 4GB RAM... What's that guitar in the background of the first pic? Look like Grover kidney tuners so it may be a Les Paul copy but the inlays are dot so I'm thinkin' it's an...
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    PSU for 9800GX2 quad SLi

    Uh yeah that's what he means. Or did you miss when Nvidia hyped up having two 7950GX2s as quad SLI?
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    Questions about lapping

    Intel is still piss poor at making them flat. If you use a Dtek Fuzion then I do believe it works better with a convex IHS.
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    Something to check out for the diy'ers

    Here's the finale, if you don't want to sift through ten pages.