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    Intel and AMD on same motherboard?

    Amd started out as an intel clone company when they went into the home market, cause they do make more the computer processors they make a wide range of ics for electronics
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    Let's Benchmark Our SMP Systems

    this other relative computer computer performance Dhrystone 2.1 8656 11682 kDhryst. 74 percent Whetstone 1885 2522 MFLOPS 74 percent Eight queens problem 9836...
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    Computer wont power up

    Easy way to test your power supply unplug it from ac and mobo take a paper clip and jumper the green wire to the grey wire, plug the ac back in,if it turns on that means the power is good. Its most likly a dead mobo, even if no caps are burnt up it dosnt take much to fry one of those...
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    Who's right???

    1st. Swap out the video card it could be that 2nd if the video card didnt fix the rpbolem check all of the voltages on the PSU, the powersupply can turn all of the fans on and still be bad. It needs a signal (power good) to fully turn the system on, i've seen about 20 PSUs at my job that...
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    Harddrive doesn't even power up...

    Without schemetics, and surface mount tools, and a good understanding off electronics theres no way ull ever fix it.unless its jsut one of the 4 pins on the power connector.
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    Problem With CD-Drive

    CD-ROM: 4X DVD or 16X CD-ROM is what the requirement is
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    Need help with a LED resistor...

    depends on your power supply, there should be ratings on the side of it, look for max current on 12v rail
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    Need help with a LED resistor...

    just remeber to add up the current of each branch to get the total and make sure you dont go over the power supplys max on the 12v rail also why only 1 resistor on each path in parallel voltage is the same on each branch thats on parallel to each other. So in that setup theyd all get 12v...
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    Need help with a LED resistor...

    I was just using the source voltage as an example Also if you wire these up in parallel you can put more then 3 on a line Because in a parallel circuit voltage is the same accross each branch. So if you have 5 branches each line will get 12v then you cabn have a resistor and 3 leds on...
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    Need help with a LED resistor...

    The optimum settings are 3.5v 20mA peak current so using ohms law V / I = R 12 / .02 = 600Ohms If i were wiring that up i'd go - negative - LED - LED -LED - 600ohm resistor - Posiive 12v /\ - LED - LED -LED - 600ohm resistor - Posiive 12v /\ - LED - LED -LED - 600ohm...
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    Quiet mod for mouse

    just look for a different style momentary switch most radio shacks stock them and chances are ull be able to find one that is quiet and that will fit the mouse.
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    Help new A64 system won't boot - it beeps

    well congrats man. have fun wit that rig.
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    I need opinions

    aye i thought of that, but when i posted that i had just gotten off work and was tired got some rest and now im bout to. anyone got a tool that can tell ya the memory info in windows, i dont feel like restarting it right now to find out dling shizna from a boys ftp and its 70% done. all i...
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    Need a quick reply for Cleaning cloths.

    yes anything lint free i also suggest buying some antistatic cleaning solution normal cleaners leave material behind this stuff dries with no residue.
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    I need opinions

    My pc is pretty good it does what i need it to but i'm thinking about selling it all i really want it for is playing world of warcraft and i think its a bit overkill for the game cept video card wise. I was just wondering if i should sell my system and what kind of money you think i could get...