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    Shifting Gears - Moving away from F@H, need suggestions

    The boinc is just a different animal all together. The projects workload are very different from project to project. My farm was completely setup for just F@H. Alot of CPU, little RAM, all running on USB flash drives. Some of the projects required more memory than I had whiched cause Disk I/O...
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    F@H updates

    Thanks for the update post. Haven't been following "those" people.
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    Trying BOINC, Confused

    I'm just running BoincTasks, you shouldn't need Boinc Manager to control the local client.I have 4 [H] Appliances and secondary Windows box all being monitored by BoincTasks, it seems to be just about stable at this point. I haven't completed figured out how BAM! layered perferences and...
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    CM Hyper 212+ - Alternative G34 Mounting Method

    Got a pic? sounds like this is a real time saver, not meantion saving my knuckles...
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    Trying BOINC, Confused

    I didn't see and answer.. sudo -u boinc boinccmd --quit Will tell the service to stop processing. I think I figured out you can use the Project URL to finish the current work and not pulling new task. sudo -u boinc boinccmd --project nomorework I am confused on...
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    Trying BOINC, Confused

    I'm in the same boat with Linden, just starting to convert over my folding boxes. I have 16GB of RAM on a OS from my USB memory stick. I was able to complete cripple the box with Einstein project. How can you know the memory requirements for a project and what's a project recommendation for 48...
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    What's your strategy for 4ps that are/were folding?

    I've shutdown 3 boxes on Feb 1, been running on one to test out the 8106/8107 units. This week I've been reimaging the boxes to the 9.1 appliance and starting to play with crunching.
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    F@H, Large Work Units for Server-class Available Now

    I'm seen a few 8106 - Avg. Time / Frame : 00:07:06 - 219,601 PPD 8107 - Avg. Time / Frame : 00:08:53 - 220,943 PPD Down from: 8101 - Avg. Time / Frame : 00:13:08 - 364,964 PPD 8102 - Avg. Time / Frame : 00:09:18 - 612,474 PPD 8103 - Avg. Time / Frame : 00:09:14 - 619,119 PPD 8104 - Avg...
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    EVGA Overtake

    I got to agree with you all, It's just sucked the life out of me for Folding.. First time I've check the forums in weeks. Maybe its time to unionize and organize a boycott for sometime period.. Maybe that happening, and I missed it in the forum..Lol.
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    LOGMEIN free is terminating 20140128

    Second that..
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    Change in BA requirements

    You have Tamales? Apparently, I missed the memo.
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    Change in BA requirements

    This seems simple to solved.. If the needed work is SMP, just ramp up the points. 3x the points for SMP for the month of January or until the work load balances. At the end of the day, what does this cost them? I mean, it's not like I can trade my 500M folding@home points for a Chipotle...
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    My PPD with bigadv divided by two without any explanation

    Is there some chance, you have a problem with memory? Are you using ECC of Non-ECC? Seems like you might be getting ALOT of errors.
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    [H] Ubuntu Folding Appliance - installation trouble

    I did you try a reboot after the black screen? Did you get the same problem? Also have you had Ubuntu 12.04 running prior on this motherboard?
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    Congrats to tear!! 1,000,000,000 points F@H

    I Completely Agree!! Thanks Tear for All your [H]ard work and countless hours give to the cause.