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    How to backup configuration of Huawei S5300 and restore it?

    First try here-> Then try here->
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    UBNT Edgeswitch with HP NIC Team

    Never Mind, My own stupid ass fault, I had a proxy set in my browser....:(:eek::oops::oops:
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    Lightning protection regarding cable modem

    Have used these with good results: Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter -
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    Lightning protection regarding cable modem

    Yes, thank you, I am fully aware of the differences between lightning and lightening, I did have it correct in my opening sentence, unfortunately it seems I also have sausage fingers:)
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    Lightning protection regarding cable modem

    I personally run my lightning on a different circuit for this very reason. Seriously though, try the couple of ethernet to optical media converters option, with a length of LC-LC fiber between your Cable Modem and your firewall. The length of fiber required is determined by plotting your level...
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    Where to start with Tomato

    I'm gonna throw antenna radiation pattern out there... That is, if your streaming device on the top floor is directly above the router, or at least anywhere close to being directly above it, the radiation pattern on the standard antennas, if they are orientated vertically won't push enough...
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    Printer help, network

    Right click on Printer on PC to which it is attached via USB and select Printer Properties then select the sharing tab. It would be fairly easy from there to set up the sharing, then just search for the networked printer on the other 20 or so machines you want to share the printer to...
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    Unifi Access Points - UAP Pro vs UAP-AC

    :D;) So eloquently put :cool:
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    Unifi Access Points - UAP Pro vs UAP-AC

    Really!? I'm quite surprised, I have one and it has been rock solid, never a single hiccup since i installed it 18 months to 2 years ago.... It is beyond me though why they're more expensive though. Ah well, such is life I suppose. AC pro it is then I think... Thanks
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    Unifi Access Points - UAP Pro vs UAP-AC

    Morning all, been mooching about at Unifi access points, what can I say, I like them!? My original purchase was for a Unifi UAP-LR, then I acquired a Unifi UAP-Pro, looking at some more UAP-Pros but they are like £150 - £160 for a single but the UAP-AC's are like £20- £30 cheaper...
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    Ethernet cable short by about 2', best way to extend? (outdoors)

    What about pull the extra outside to where you need it and use the coupler inside? just a thought...
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    Consumer-grade routers: MAC address for every NIC port??

    Consumer grade routers, I'd say no. Usually they're routers with a 4 port switch built in so you'd likely have the WAN MAC on the 'in' WAN side and the LAN MAC on all 4 of the 'out' LAN ports.
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    Edge Router Lite vs Edge Router X

    Lovely, this is what I'm after. Yeah, I knew about the POE on the ERx Keep it coming...