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    for yellow page advertising purpose, what's the generic term of phishing?

    they may not understand how it happens, but I'm fairly certain most people know what Identity Theft is
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    suggestions for a network tap

    Depends on what you're looking to accomplish. for something that supports SPAN, you'll obviously need a managed switch. I don't have much experience with lower end switches, but you can usually find some older cisco switches for cheap on ebay if you want to go that route. Finding a cheap...
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    for yellow page advertising purpose, what's the generic term of phishing?

    identity theft? phishing doesn't mean they were hacked, they were tricked and gave up their own info to the wrong people.
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    suggestions for a network tap

    I second the SPAN option. what switches do you use? TAPs are great when you need them, but they are not scalable IMO, especially when you get into fabric-based networks.
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    Which Distro To Replace Windows?

    I installed ubuntu on my desktop that I use more for server purposes than desktop. However I also installed Ubuntu for my wife on her laptop. she uses it just fine and I rest easy knowing I can most likely fix any problems that come up because it's what I'm most familiar with. as you've done...
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    reclassifying internet service as a utility

    I am in favor of anything that encourages more competition. Until that happens, everything else is a moot point.
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    Cisco 2801 question

    do you want access FROM the switch TO the Internet? or TO the switch FROM the Internet?
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    Free air cooling technology for data closets

    stupid forums lost my post... the short of what I had typed was: I know very little about this topic, but I wanted to look into it when we build our house. the concept makes perfect sense to me. I'm interested in this topic, so hopefully someone can provide more insight.
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    UBNT gear and vlans

    is the AP tagging? Is the Zyxel tagging? Making a few assumptions, I would try the following: if you're not using VLAN 1, disable it. tag all traffic between the zyxel and toughswitch don't rely on 'native vlans'... it's a workaround more than a design. if you can tag, then tag. if the AP...
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    Help Needed With Network and VLANs

    see this: imo, always plan for the future. if the device supports tagging, do it. less down time in the future for adding new functionality yes, both must be trunk ports that allow 20, 30 and whatever...
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    Load balancer/wan failover

    you don't want to use LACP on 2 links that have different bandwidths (i'm assuming that your new connection is higher bandwidth based on what you've stated above). you'll overrun 1 of them very quickly. you can do redundancy very easily by using a routing protocol across both links...
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    Competition with ISP's

    It may not be "great" always, but it's definitely better than a monopoly... imagine that same situation where only 1 telco offered anything and it was still at 1mb speeds and cost you twice as much as what they currently charge... that's what it's like without ANY competition.... no incentive to...
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    ASA 5505 or SRX210 for home lab?

    for example, PA's are very weak in routing features
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    what is your background?

    Thanks for all the replies so far... I find it very interesting to see how wide of a variety of specialties everyone is involved in.
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    what is your background?

    I seriously had to read this a few times to figure out what you were talking about... /facepalm