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    USA never gets the good stuff :(

    The only problem is that anything good that has 3G usually doesn't carry the North American 3G band. Makes it a pain to buy Sony Ericsson phones sometimes >_>
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    Component video on Bluray--worth it?

    If you use AnyDVD HD, It'll take off anything like the ITC and the HDCP and it'll let you run it over component(or in my case, a non-HDCP DVI port) It's how I do it on my system and it works just great. Grab the internal Blu-Ray/HD DVD Drive and you're set!
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    Turn that X3 720 into a X4 945 BE

    Interesting mod, but isn't there a reason as to why AMD shut that CPU off? Chances are it didn't pass QA testing. Just a thought though.
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    Love your i7 920 ?

    I love my i7. I'm not home much so it doesn't get used much as I wish it would, but its blazingly fast for any development/rendering work I throw at it. Definitely worth the money. I do notice the IHS is very uneven though... I need to lap it and get my temps down. I load at around 75C on Water...
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    >4ghz overclocked core I7 920 voltages

    4.0Ghz@ 1.375V with HT on and LLC enabled. With HT off, voltage required to hit 4Ghz just drops like a rock I notice though.
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    Do most of you who've OC'd your i7's disable HT?

    I notice with HT enabled, my system is somewhat faster for VMs and the like, using VMWare Workstation. Windows startup seems smoother too but maybe its just my perception. I keep it on and am running 4Ghz OC'ed right now.
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    GeForce GTX 295 Quad-SLI does up to 64xQ FSAA - the real kicker

    Wow. Well it's definitley cool bit not sure how useful that is unless you're really into eye candy...
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    Which of these 5 mobos and why?

    I'm with Vanilla here. Those DFI boards are some of the best OCers, bar none, maybe next to the BlackOps(which requires DDR3 though). They take alot of tweaking but the results out of them are great. They do need aftermarket cooling on the MOSFETS and chipset at some point though if you start...
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    New WC system just looking for advice

    Petra's is awesome. Period. If you go do Local Pickup, you can talk to someone and they'll give you tips and tricks to WC. Prices are great too! Your setup looks good in terms of the WC. I used one of the hidden 5 1/4" reservoirs just so I could go for the sleeper look. I also notice you're...
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    Anyone stuck between a 4870x2 and GTX295?

    I'm waitng for those 40nm NVIDIA chips personally. Badaboom is awesome too. I'm sticking with nvidia until ATI gets its act together with the Avivo Video Converter. Actually lets me do something with my video card except play games!
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    Need a new screen/digitzer for Protege 3500

    I got an old protege 3500 and the lcd screen is cracked. I also hear the digitzer go bad on those things. I was wondering how much it would cost to replace both of them and where I could find such parts. If i bought the screen itself, would it get me the digitizer with it?
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    Who Has Swapped To Intel Since CD2 release??

    I just run a macbook pro C2D for my primary system at the moment. Otherwise, I had an Opty 165@2.8Ghz that I gave to my girlfriend. Depending on the new AMDs, I'm still up for an E2180 system I'm starting to build.
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    Inexpensive 775 until Penryn

    I never heard of a socket change... I've been out of the game too long I guess! If you were look for a really cheap dual, check around for an older Pentium D. Probably find those for next to nothing these days. Also, frys was running an ad for an e2180 with mobo for 100. If you refund the mobo...
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    Need new headphones!!!

    I got these razer protones M100s(the earbuds) They work great actually and have been the most durable for me. Usually around 30-50 depending where you shop. Got good bass, pretty good mids and a decent treble as well IMHO. Check them out. Also come with a ton of goodies and even a carrying case.
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    Why doesn't the 15.4" MBP have WSXGA+?

    Well for me, I want the higher res because I do a ton of graphics work with my MBP and a TON of multi-tasking, so the higher res would allow me to put multiple windows together and etc. It would be nice to have a high-res option like the 17" MBP in my opinion. I'd shell out another 100 or 150...