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    new build need response

    sounds good ordering everything right now thanks for all the help
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    new build need response

    sounds good, i gotta buy the hsf and prob around 100 for the mobo would be good maybe a little more, as for ram i think i got something lying around
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    new build need response

    im just putting together a quick build for myself, got the case, dvdrom, old video card, HDs i want this computer to be able to handle HD stuff and newer games. ill put the new video card in next month. was looking at these processors AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+...
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    Universal Remote

    got a logitech harmony 880 its an awesome remote and not too expensive....logitech is offering 10% rebate too
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    Quick Build - Tell me what you think

    around 225, i have everything but the motherboard, processor and ram. i looked at the dells with no lcd for around 350 + shipping + tax,I'd rather build one
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    Quick Build - Tell me what you think

    yea my parents dont need that good of a computer i think ill go with something like the 4200+ which is around $75, i keep wanting a nicer rig but they dont need much and i wont do much on it either
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    Quick Build - Tell me what you think

    p3 600, its gonna go to my sister and my mom wants a new one, thanks for the suggestions
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    Quick Build - Tell me what you think

    I just need a computer to burn dvd Dual Layer dvd+r discs. my parents have a p3, they only use internet and typing programs and im gonna build them something simple. Gonna use onboard video and sound. I have the hd, dvdrw, windows xp, case, antec 430 power supply. I looked on new egg quick and...
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    Laptop Overheating?!?!?

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    laptop hd

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    Transfering files

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    amd64 and windows xp

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    Help finding files

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    Counter Strike: Source Install Error? Help!

    did you download it or are you installing from a cd?
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    Free mini soccer ball -