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    Western Digital WD2500ks Questions

    1. All 6 of my WD2500KS have black tops, but I just put a newer one into a customers PC, and it was silver. 2. They can get very loud on intensive seeks. Rubber grommets should help quite a bit in this area. 3. The SecureConnect doesn't provide power, it just locks all the components...
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    Valentines Day Gaming Stories

    Felt like it.
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    Remember battletech 3025? I've got the installer! EA game that didn't make it past beta? Why am I not surprised?
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    What have you learned through video games?

    Jumping on people shorter than you doesn't give you free money.
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    8800GTX & BF 2142

    There's a pretty good chance you just had to delete the video shader cache files in your Documents and Settings.
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    Whats a good TV Tuner for a notebook?

    My personal recommendation would be fore the AverMedia UltraTV USB 300. Your options are quite limited when dealing with USB TV receivers, unfortunately. Hauppage also makes a couple of USB ones, but they're not spectacular by any definition.
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    Looking for a Dual DVI Card

    7600GT or X1650XT (If you can find it at MSRP).
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    First Virtual Console games revealed!!!

    Come ooooonn, more SNES/64 games!
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    NFS carbon demo is out

    If anyone wants to do the good deed of uploading to a private mirror, let me know.
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    I am in a unique situation... Please Read.

    S-Video will only allow you to display a maximum resolution of 1024x768 (widescreen 1024x576 interlaced). Basically, what you need is a TV capable of displaying resolutions higher than 1024x768. Most new LCDs and Plasma TVs these days will offer a maximum resolution of at least 720p (1280x720...
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    BF2 will not work on XP Pro x64 plssss help

    It does sound like a conflict with SafeDisc. Tried using an image and DaemonTools? (pretty sure latest version of DTools runs in x64..?)
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    Run Starcraft in 800px on Widescreen monitor?

    First of all, Starcraft's native resolution is 640x480, not 800x600. Secondly, because it doesn't support any additional resolutions whatsoever, defining a custom resolution via registry/.ini/shortcut is impossible. The resolution is an integral part of the game coding, and can therefore only be...
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    Any gamecube fans here?

    Can't believe it took this long to be said. Stellar title.
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    At My Wits End!!!! HELP ME Please!!!! - Major LAG

    Tried replacing your PC>Router cable, or using a different ethernet port? Could be one of the culprits, cable has a fault, or your ethernet controller is dropping packets like mad.