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    50% off Razer peripherals 24 hour sale 1/11/2013

    If you select 7-10 day shipping when you are checking out the shipping cost does go down a little bit. Still quite expensive however. To anyone who plays counter strike or battlefield with a razer naga or naga hex would programing the weapons and knife and grenade and so on, on the mouse make...
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    660ti $179 after rebate and v by me, newegg

    Coupon works just add a filler to the order like link and you will get the $20 off. Worked for me :).
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    Motherboard Power LED Blinks 3 Time Help Please!

    I recently purchased the parts to build a Super Nintendo PC pretty much like what is shown here SNES PC BUILD. I bought the same motherboard and I purchased a Intel Core i3-3220T. I used the molex power connector that is shown just like on the video. The system powers up just fine but nothing is...
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Here are my damages(rounded totals) Saints Row: The Third Franchise Pack $13 L.A. Noire Complete $6 Beyond Good and Evil $3 Dungeon Defenders - Summoner Hero DLC $.25 Dungeon Defenders Lost Eternia Shards Complete DLC $1 The Doctor Who Cloned Me $3 The Walking Dead $15 The Witcher 2 $16 The...
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    Amazon DD Best Sellers Recap Sale 1/31 (last chance to combo with the $5 promo code)

    Quick question for Civilization fans out there. I want to give one of these games a try for $4. What game is better Civilization V or Civilization IV Complete Edition. I am assuming I can use Steam with both of these. I tried Civilization 3 back in the day and wasn't a huge fan of the game...
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    COUGAR SX700 $51.49

    Shell Shocker $84.99 Rebate $25.00 Promo Code PSU0112 $8.50 Plus a cheap mouse for free.
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    Steam's Daily Wishlist Giveaway

    Yeah I was going to update the first post everyday with the new deal of the day if people kept posting while this deal was going on, but since this got moved to free stuff I see no need to update the deal of the day everyday now. BTW Dungeon Defenders for 3.74 is a great deal today!
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    6-7 hours now standard SP gameplay?

    There are plenty of excellent 20+ hour games out there. There are also excellent 6-10 hour games out there. A few years ago I thought the same way you did when it comes to game lengths being too short, but this year there are excellent long games that have been released. Batman, Skyrim, Deus...
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    Steam's Daily Wishlist Giveaway

    This is taken directly from Steam's Website. Daily Wishlist Giveaway What can I win? You can win the top 10 items on your Steam Wishlist How many people win? 10 people each day How do I enter? Log in to Steam (via the Steam client or on the web) Make sure you have 10 items on your...
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    Total War SHOGUN 2 $14.98 I think this deal is pretty hot, it says it requires a 3rd party download and account so I am wondering if this will download with Steam.
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    WD1502FAEX 79.00 No Rebate

    Yes SATA 2 is compatible with SATA 3. The only difference is a small boost in speed with SATA 3, but probably not enough of a difference to tell with the naked eye.
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    WD1502FAEX 79.00 No Rebate

    Been looking for a large and relatively fast dedicated drive for all my steam games. Currently I only have enough space to install half my games. Might just bite on this later today. Thanks!
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    Which next gen console do you have the least interest in?

    Since this was my thinking last generation this will probably be my thinking this upcoming generation again. I enjoy the Playstation for its first party games. I enjoy Nintendo for its classic Nintendo games with Mario, Zelda, ect. Then I get everything else PC. I don't enjoy Microsoft games...
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    Poll: Have video games driven you to violence?

    People are violent in nature, so playing video games and watching violent movies is a way to calm ones violent nature, so in conclusion video games create a better society to live in. :D