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    HiFiMan HE-400 / HE-500 Headphones $100 Off

    I've had the HE-500's for a while. They are great. They are, however, heavy and not the most comfortable. I attached a padded headband and replaced the ear pads, and they are comfortable now.
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    Anyone here an audiophile?

    Schiit Bifrost Schiit Lyr (Currently with a pair of Orange Globes) Hifiman HE-500
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    Does it annoy you to manage your boot drive?

    I moved my libraries and steam folder to an HDD. Other than that, I've never had to manage anything.
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    Graphics memory, a primer?

    If you are looking for a card, tell us what you want to do with it and your budget. Both of those affect memory bandwidth, which does matter.
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    512e alignment issue

    That is really odd to me. Maybe the documentation is wrong, and 4-7 are on the ASM1061. I just can't understand how using one controller slows down just two of the drives on another controller.
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    512e alignment issue

    The ones on 6 and 7 shouldn't have any effect on the ones on 0-5.
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    512e alignment issue

    Are all 6 drives on the same controller, or do you have the Samsungs on one and the Seagates on another?
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    selling a HDD, need to delete data the ability to restore

    I have a stack of old HDDs in my room. I would never sell them. Some day I should get around to destroy them and throwing them away, but that's a pain. If you need the money, you should use dban. CCleaner should do the job in theory, but I've never seen it suggested for that purpose, and I've...
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    OK, so I've come to the conclusion I'm doing it all wrong

    Since those speakers are using USB, then they have their own DAC built in, and are bypassing the on-board audio on both the desktop and laptop. They should sound basically identical on both systems. New speakers or headphones would be the next step, but you may be happy with what you have using...
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    My Case is Electrified!

    I would get an outlet tester. Something like, which was the first amazon result I found. You could also test other devices in your home, and try the computer when plugged into other outlets.
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    Program to Switch Display+Audio

    Switching to the TV is fine. Switching back to my secondary display is only an issue because it defaults to aligning the tops of the two screens, and I want it aligned at the bottom. This is mainly because my secondary monitor does not have adjustable height, so it is easier to have the bottoms...
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    Program to Switch Display+Audio

    Thanks. That audio device switcher will simplify that part of it. Unfortunately my secondary monitor is a different resolution than my primary. Every time I switch between it and the TV I have to readjust it's position in relation to my primary display. Without being able to set up some kind of...
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    Program to Switch Display+Audio

    I have two monitors (the max supported by my system), but I also have a TV connected by HDMI. When I want to watch netflix on the TV, I have to disable my secondary monitor, enable the TV, and the change my audio output to HDMI. Then I have to reverse the process to use my secondary monitor...
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    There is an old PCI card that uses external power to keep the data in your ram drive when you power off. Technically you could use that for your OS, but I think it was capped at 2 or 4 GB, and it was old. Maybe DDR ram, but possible even SDRAM. I think there have been a few more recent ones that...
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    I'm not a gypsy. I have a home, I'm just never there.

    I'm not a gypsy. I have a home, I'm just never there.