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    Route Maps on Native VLAN, can they impact trunks?

    Have a problem I am trying to figure out. I am having to pass traffic through a switch that I do not fully manage that has route maps applied on the native VLAN that is used for the trunk I connect over. I have done a lot of searching but could not come up with a definitive answer for my...
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    Not getting logs with port numbers on a 6500 ACL

    In the process of writing some ACL rules, and I am trying to evaluate the existing traffic so I have some Permit IP Log statements to narrow down what normal traffic is going through that I need to write rules for, however, the logs that I am getting do not have port numbers (which I need). Is...
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    10Gb Ethernet over copper users? (CX4 v. SFP+ v. KX4/KR v. T)

    I use 5m SFP+ 10Gb, no issues. I would have to check on the max length, but I think you can do 10 or 15m. The longer the cables, the thicker they get, and harder to route.
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    L3 router for CCNA/CCNP

    This made my day :cool:
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    Ethernet WIC for 2811 that can NAT

    The SVI supports overload, just not something that I want to do on this situation. I want a full layer 3 port, not an L2 switch. The HWIC-1FE is what I need =) Thanks!
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    Ethernet WIC for 2811 that can NAT

    Is there an ethernet WIC/HWIC that supports NAT for the 2811. I have one 4 port 10/100 card but it doesn't support NAT overload.
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    Network pics thread

    New Nexus 7010 came in! thing must weigh 300 pounds!
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    Thoughts on this N router? (NETGEAR WNDR3700-100NAS)

    WNDR3700 is a great router, but you must upgrade the firmware out of the box.
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    VMware View 4.5 WAN connectivity issue

    Could you explain how .local addresses are used? I run into them from time to time, but never really had to figure out what/where/why they are used.
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    VMware View 4.5 WAN connectivity issue

    I figured it out - DNS was not the issue we use FQDN both forward and reverse look up. The issue was I was did not enable the 'tunneled' mode to the server, so the end client was trying to establish the PCoIP or RDP session directly with the virtual desktop, which for obvious reasons will not...
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    VMware View 4.5 WAN connectivity issue

    I have a free 50 seat license of View with my latest enterprise + license pack, so economics, ease of use, and existing experience make View the winner; plus I believe with 4.5 they have fixed a number of the shortcomings you may have run into.
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    VMware View 4.5 WAN connectivity issue

    I have View 4.5 up and running, though I have run into an issue with connectivity from outside the network. I have the View Connection server setup, and forwarded ports 80 & 443 to the view connect server inside - this is a temporary setup until we run everything through SSL VPN. I can...
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    Today I learned misconfigurations suck

    Took me a few days to track down, but in the midst of configuring and troubleshooting a really complicated network transition to facilitate moving our entire datacenter to all new equipment (servers, san, switches) I ended up with a VPC link between the new Nexus switches and the old 6500 core...
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    technologies for outdoor wireless .. need 2.5 mile radius

    Cisco Wireless Calculator will tell you height / range / etc...
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    Network pics thread

    We are using Qlogic CNAs so if we decide to do FCoE in the future we can just re-flash them. The TwinAxe SFP+ cables plug right into them.