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    HW firewall for home that supports IPV6 PD of /48 or /56 with DHCPV6

    OpenWRT supports all the IPv6 stuff you're asking for in the latest release. Buy any router supported by that version of OpenWRT. Personally I use an alix 2d13, works great.
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    Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (PC Game) $4.99

    Got one too, thanks!
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    LF perfect DIY router. (ALIX, Soekris, Routerboard, something else?)

    I've done benchmarks previously. With OpenWRT it'll do around 50k packets/sec at 64 byte frame sizes. It will do line rate at higher (100meg) at larger frame sizes.
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    LF perfect DIY router. (ALIX, Soekris, Routerboard, something else?)

    I've got several alix 2d13 boards. Rock solid. They run OpenWRT extremely well. A little light on memory for anything else. pfSense will run but the OS timers are not fast enough to do decent QoS on it. On Linux it smokes.
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    Ten Minute Watch Dogs 101 Trailer

    So, this is GTA with hacking?
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    Bonjour, Inter-VLAN routing and tears...

    This is not an "Apple" problem. This is a Bonjour protocol implementation detail. It's for local subnets, it's broadcast based, and uses multicast. You should look into wide-area discovery, this link, , has some information on it. could just have one...
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    Xbox One update removes the dreaded sharpening filter.

    Before and after pictures?
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    Looking For New ISP. Time Warner/Comcast Business

    Have Time Warner business class at home through work at 50/5. Always been very impressed with their customer and technical support. Not sure I'd pay those prices for it though, wow.
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    How to Block Social Networking Sites in Asus Router

    Of course it doesn't. If you change it to or then you aren't using OpenDNS any longer. You can either: 1. stop users from changing the DNS servers on the PC or 2. block requests to unknown DNS servers from getting out to the internet. i don't know if you router can do that.
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    How to Block Social Networking Sites in Asus Router

    In that instance why not just use OpenDNS? It works.
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    Amazon: Sound Blaster Z - $86.56

    Too bad Creative's drivers are absolutely shitty and always have been. Since the beginning of time. I didn't think people still bought stand alone sound cards.
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    How does a L2 dwitch use DNS?

    Those look like management settings to me. So, a "dumb switch" like this could use DNS to: 1. check for software updates 2. use for NTP server sync 3. any number of other management related tasks It wouldn't use any DNS to do anything regarding actually switching traffic.
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    How does a L2 dwitch use DNS?

    L2 switch won't use DNS unless the switch itself has a management IP address.
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    Intel NIC Drivers Without Proset (Bloat?)

    Seems like asking for trouble to me. Do those extra PROset tabs add a bunch of bloat? I've been using the entire package for eons now and have never had any problems with them.