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    Respawn Bans Over 355,000 Apex Legends Cheaters

    As a pc player i know cheaters are always gonna be in the game so best Apex does everything they can to keep actively fighting the problem. They should avoid what blueballs did in pubg where for like 5-6 months they did NOTHING to address the cheater problem so it wasn't uncommon to run in to a...
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    AT&T to Start Using Fake 5G Indicator on LTE Phones

    Not first time AT&T has pulled this kinda crap, they used to pass off 3g HSPA+ as 4g if some people remember that. They would claim "we have fast 4g network" but really "3g + speed boosting". So this kinda false advertising isn't anything new for them.
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    Gamers Nexus Reviews the Walmart Gaming PC

    1400$ in parts but you paid 2100$, that likely is retail prices but obviously they didn't pay retail for part's so likely could take least another 10-20% off the prices since they bought in bulk. SO i would doubt that machine was much over 1200$ if that at best.
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    NVIDIA Gives the Bird to All RTX Early Adopters

    I can 2nd this, i ordered a gtx980 back in 2014 on oct 24'th then 2 weeks later they did that same deal and i contacted newegg about it and i was given same code voucher. I have it listed in my newegg history as well.
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    NVIDIA Gives the Bird to All RTX Early Adopters

    Depends on who you bought the card from, Some sellers if you email them will and have given out game codes to people that bought cards from them just before the offer started. I did that with newegg, bought a new card week or 2 before they gave a game with the card. Emailed them and they gave me...
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    Apple Falls Silent on Wireless Charger It Announced a Year Ago

    Probably using a proprietary standard so say one built in to trucks wouldn't work with it. Likely it would cost a ton for their device that does it as its apples way.
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    Tesla Key Fob Security Allows for a Hacker to Steal a Car in Less Than 30 Seconds

    Repo men when they take a car within 15-20 min at most are calling the local police department to report the car was repo'ed. When in park the front wheels on that car are locked the rear's free spin. If the car was rear wheel drive then he would had to pick it from the back. All wheel drive...
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    Tesla Key Fob Security Allows for a Hacker to Steal a Car in Less Than 30 Seconds

    So its at the owners expense they have to BUY new fob's instead of getting the update for free? Pretty cheap of tesla not give the update to the owners that bought the car's.
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    San Francisco to Future Tech Workers: Your Days of Free Lunch May Be Numbered

    SO take away free food companies afford their employee's that work for them in the hopes they will go to local places to eat. I guess they didn't realize how many those people WHILE BRING THEIR OWN LUNCH FROM HOME!
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    Mom’s Defense of “Cheating” Fortnite Kid Fails

    It would be impossible to verify anyone period less they go to EACH and EVERY players house and verify the person agreeing to it is that person.
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    Analyst: 66% of Console Players Still Prefer Physical Games over Digital

    Few have said it already but it comes down to with physical disc's for console you can go to a gamestop or what ever and trade in the game or loan it to a friend to play hence physical still has more value on console. On PC we have been stuck with the you buy it you own it for life no matter if...
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    PUBG Devs Admit Performance Sucks

    Bushes render in a pretty good distance away 400-500+meters, grass on the other hand only rendered 75-100meters or so. really if you are gonna hide in a bush before you get last 2 circles then yea you likely are a person that sits in a house in a corner and never moves hoping someone comes in...
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    Elon Musk Blasts Media, Pitches Site to Rate Journalists: “No One Believes You”

    Yea they have tried to push these "fact checking" sites, sadly if you look at them from objective view you can see they tend to be weighted 1 direction to give 1 side more benefit while being more likely to call other side as being untruthful.
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    Petition for MacBook Pro Recall over Broken Keyboards Close to 10K Signatures

    IMO if apple is only place you can get certain parts to fix an apple made device they shouldn't be allowed to refuse, but as you say they have right to refuse service there has been places sued for that. Reason they refused to fix is was likely rather they want you to buy a new computer which...
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    PUBG Anti-Cheat Update Coming Next Week

    That is terrible as well give how Chinese players have a good 750ms-1sec desync to kill you cause how bad the updates in code are and their lag. For people wanting to learn how bad it is here is a video that does pretty good job comparing pubg vs fortnite vs h1z1. Fortnite is miles ahead in...