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    windows 10 disable the ability to type on the start menu?

    Removing UI elements isn't access control. There will always be ways around it. Set ACLs on the actual executables so that users can't run them. THAT'S how you prevent access. Otherwise there are infinite ways around it. Also, it sounds like you want to switch out the shell process entirely...
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    Windows 10: Your thoughts so far?

    The desktop? The thing that's covered by my apps all the time? Why would I put anything there? The Start Menu is easy to get to on any monitor at any time.
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    Windows 10 TP Build 9926 Released!

    Right Click -> Sort By -> Ascending
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    Windows 10 having the same system requirements - holding it back?

    The number of businesses out there still relying on ancient 16-bit Windows (or DOS!) applications for their line of business would depress you. And it's not like saying "use DOSBox" or "use a VM" is a working solution since plenty of them are relying on ancient hardware drivers to connect with...
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    Microsoft Frustrated As Ever With H-1B Policy

    Full disclaimer: I work at a Fortune 500 software company. I've also done recruiting for said company. The unfortunate reality that people don't seem to want to admit is that most Americans just aren't qualified for these jobs. If one in ten computer science graduates I talk to is worth...
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    Multiple Monitors + Wacom Pen Tablets

    Are you using Eyefinity or something similar to make Windows treat the monitors as one?
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    how to view processes using windows form, visual studio express C#

    The MSDN page shows you what the class returns - a Process struct. It shows you its members and methods, one of which gets the process name as a string.
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    Running W7 as both VM _and_ dual-boot?

    That's not really the case at all....there's a large chunk of hardware that VMs don't see directly. In general, GPUs aren't directly shared, and for the most part the VM doesn't necessarily see the "real" motherboard, chipsets, etc. - they're all virtualized through different drivers.
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    Unencrypted Skype Data Represents Security Risk

    If someone has physical access to your computer, they own it. If they're running code on it, they own it.
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    Don't test for version numbers, test for functionality. What are you ACTUALLY trying to find out?
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    ffs microsoft, can't upgrade from XP to 8.1

    Presumably you were running 32-bit Windows XP and are trying to install 64-bit Windows 8.1, which is why you confused the upgrade wizard (you can never upgrade cross-architecture). You can run the 32-bit version of Windows 8.1 on your CPU, but not the 64-bit version.
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    Win7:dual monitors with desktops on it?

    If you want taskbars on both monitors, upgrade to Windows 8 (that functionality was added then).
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    C++ Book?

    If you want a definitive language resource, Stroustrup is good, but if you want to actually learn the language, I recommend Lippman's C++ Primer (there are several books titled C++ primer, but Lippman's the best). My job every day of the week is writing C++ code, and while I own Stroustrup...
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    weird taskbar "flicker" "jumping" issue

    Sounds like it's a video card failure, then. This isn't something that happens normally. Probably memory corruption/failure or something similar.
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    C++ getline to ignore comments "//"

    You need to decide what behavior you really want, and write some code to parse it as appropriate. Is it OK if there's whitespace before the //? If so, you need to account for that. Part of it depends on what you want to do - if you're trying to actually parse a file into some meaningful...