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    Rails not fitting rack?

    I had the same issue with a rackmount PE 2900 in our APC racks at work. I just left the back mesh door off.
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    Can anyone help me with my IBM Intellistation A-Pro? (putting quad in a dual box)

    Yeah you can :p Mobo just has to support it
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    Feedback from Techs that work in data centers

    We've got some Nortel QIP software that's garbage. We're looking for something better at the moment as well. The only good things about our current setup is: Web based, and uses logins so you can only mess up your own deligated subnet, not every one's.
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    HP MSA60 Hard Drive Cages

    I don't think they're ^^ the right drive sleds. He needs the newer kind with a slightly different handle on the front.
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    Help me find an utterly reliable chipset/board/OS combo

    440BX + Slot1 pIII + Intel Pro 100 = Happy :D
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    Big Box

    I've got a free quad Intel, 16Gb of RAM at work if need anything run on it.
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    Dell Poweredge 2500SC how much is it worth?

    ebay says less than $200. You'd probably get ~$150 on a forum for it.
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    20% off Certification Exams at MeasureUp

    ^guys, this was posted in Sept 05' and the poster hasn't been back since May of 06'. Don't think he'll be answering your questions ;)
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    20% off Certification Exams at MeasureUp

    MS Voucher still works. :D
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    What are some good PATA Raid cards? (Proven Old timers?)

    My server's use DFS to replicate to each other. The storage arrays are all RAID 1 or 5 and they're backed up to a DLT autoloader. I don't use anything 'lower level' than that like Ghost.
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    What are some good PATA Raid cards? (Proven Old timers?)

    I love my 3Ware 7500's. I have 2 of the 7504 (4 ports), a 7508 and my friend is running the 7512. Haven't had a controller failure years of operation.
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    Raid/scsi card for P3 dually?

    I've got a couple to AMI 493's in my dualies. Also known as Dell Perc3/ DC's. Dual U160, should be under $80
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    best way to get lots of IDE ports?

    Ahh opps, someone must have bought up the 7500's he used to have. They are terribly old cards, and do not support drives above 137Gb
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    best way to get lots of IDE ports?

    A guy on Ars currently has a bunch of 3Ware cards up FS, some 8 & 12 port'ers under $200.