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    WTB: your old/working AMD Phenom II X4 900/905/910e CPU

    Hi All, I am looking to pick up a cheap/working AMD Phenom II X4 900/905/910e 65W TDP CPU, retail or OEM. Let me know what you got and your asking price w/ shipping to CA 91745. Will consider AMD Athlon II X4 600/605/610/615/620e 45W TDP CPU as well. Thanks.
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    [FS] OCZ Vertex 3 240GB | Other misc

    Up it goes.
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    Acer Iconia W500 w/ Crucial M4 128gb sata 6 and Killer Gaming N1202

    Bump, bought one with 128GB upgrade about a month ago for the same price, but it looks like yours is in much better condition.
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    AK's FS thread

    Not sure, that sucker is heavy, it's probably not going to be cheap.
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    Lots of desktop and laptop HDDs, Apple iPad 3G 32GB

    Bump, got the HD but haven't test them out yet.
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    FS: 2 gaming laptops

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    FS: Alienware m14x + loot

    I noticed in your picture there are 2 HD, but you only mention one in your thread, what about the other one?
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    FS: Apple Macbook

    Dibs on the mouse. That's a crazy price.