Zoom meetings.. killing performance?


Aug 4, 2004
OK, I'm scratching my head here and looking to see if anyone has had a similar issue. Since this virus started it seems like everyone and their dog wants to use Zoom meetings. Our kids teachers are still using it for meetings.. so it has to be installed on all the systems int he house it seems. Since they started using it.. computer performance on all our home laptops has taken a dump.. both while using Zoom as well as after. I've run virus scans, malwarebytes scanning, etc. and nothing.. but it can't be a coincidence that 3 laptops (wife and both the kids systems) run like dogs now while mine is still merrily chugging along (all HP 8740 Elitebooks). It got bad enough that I did a fresh Win10 install on my wife's laptop which seems to have resolved the sluggishness for now.

Has anyone else been seeing this during the isolation? My google-fu isn't finding any reports.


Jun 17, 2006
Zoom seems really popular, but I haven't used it. My company banned it because it seems to have a lot of security issues, so that in part could be why you're seeing slowdowns (it is the virus!). Could you consider making a single machine the Zoom machine in the house for the duration? I've seen slowdowns with the software we use (Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams) but they were pretty short-lived and only during the conference; it seems they caught up with demand pretty quickly.