Zalman NB47J


Feb 16, 2005
hey guys, so i have a gigabyte p35-ds3r and a zalman nb47j passive heatsink laying around. here's my question: has anybody put this specific heatsink on a p35 chipset before? google will give no reviews of it being used on a p35 board.

my stock heatsink used to be kind of cool, then i removed the pos tim and put on some as5. now, if you leave your finger on it for more than 3-4 seconds, it burns lol. basically, i want to know if this heatsink can handle a p35 chipset, or would i be better off with the somewhat large passive stock heatsink.

i'm not sure which has better cooling characteristics, and gigabyte wont give me a straight answer of what temp1/system temp means, so i'm not sure if thats the nb temp or not.