Zalman has awesome service!


[H]F Junkie
Aug 16, 2004
Figured I would post about my experience so far with Zalman support.

I bought a Zalman CNPS 9900 D/F CPU cooler off of Ebay and it wasn't coming with the AMD mounting hardware.

So I put in a ticket with Zalman (in order to purchase the mounting hardware).

I hadn't heard anything back from them so I gave them a call today and they said that they had already shipped the hardware out.

So not great communication, but great support even though it was for a used cooler I purchased.

And to top it off, I will be having 3 Zalman coolers in my retro rigs.

VF2000 LED (to cool an X800XT PE)
CNPS 9700 NT (to cool an Athlon 64 x2)
CNPS 9900 D/F (to cool an AM3 Athlon II x3 that will hopefully unlock to a Phenom II x4)

Haven't had a system with a Zalman cooler in it for a bunch of years, but the prices I paid for these coolers couldn't be beat so that is what I am using.. and from my research they should handle what I am using them for just fine, if not a bit overkill.


Limp Gawd
Aug 12, 2011
That is really awesome. I am not sure if I have used Zalman, if so, probably just for some small heatsinks or the like, but I am always interested to read about good support from a well-known company!