Z68 v P67

Aug 30, 2007
Hey guys,

Workin on a new build, but I'm having trouble distinguishing/deciding between P67 & Z68.

I plan to run:
  • i5 LGA1155 [until ivy-bridge LGA1155 come out in Q2 2012 and upgrading/swapping out proc then for a high-end IvyBridge]
  • 16GB RAM min
  • 2x gtx 560ti in SLI (Performs better for same price as gtx 580),
  • 2x OCZ Vertex 3 120GB RAID 0 Boot drive w/ 2TB 7200RPM storage.

I definitely plan to OC both CPU & GPUs.
Recommendations for this configuration? What are the advantages/disadvantages of Z68 v P67?


Sep 15, 2006
The only advatages the Z68 has is SSD caching and using the onboard video for transcoding.

Since you plan on using an SSD as your main drive the SSD caching may not be a big deal.

If don't plan on doing a video editing then the video transcoding then that will probably not be a big deal.

It comes down to price and features. The performance should be the same between the P67 and Z68.

I just got a Sabertooth P67 with a 2600k and I have no complaints.


Supreme [H]ardness
May 20, 2001
Some Z68 boards also support Hybrid graphics/LucidLogix Virtu, that allows you to use the onchip/onboard graphics for basic desktop stuff and switch to your power GPU for gaming and etc. However this technology isn't really mature yet and it may not work well with multi GPU or multi display setups.

Also as mention the Z68 supports quicksync video transcoding, but as its a pretty new technology and not many apps support it yet.

If I was buying today though I'd probably get a Z68 just because it will probably have better resale down the line.