YoYo Recognition Thread

DWolvin....I think you are mixing projects. Those badges are for YoYo@Home...a BOINC project.
Ah- sorry! ( I thought I should not be trying to think at that hour) ;)
Cruncher ogr - Silver
evolution - Bronze
Muon - Silver :(
ecm - Silver
Finally picked up a Silver in MUON.


Cruncher = Silver
E@H = Silver
Muon = Gold
ECM = Gold

And a whopping one oddball OWS WU that snuck in. :p

Have some E@H units that need to finish; but think that's it for Yoyo for now.

Euler solutions found:

2011-07-11 16:30:05 [H]Coleslaw 1262216+870106=239566+680266+94926+972936+1233966
2011-02-11 16:30:30 [H]Coleslaw 1791256+830656=1615266+1558656+394036+842946+982526
2011-02-11 16:30:30 [H]Coleslaw 1594096+941356=1528056+902106+280916+657306+1246706
Looks like I forgot to shut down one of my machines; just found out I hit gold for evolution@home. :p
I got Silver for Cruncher OGR. Here are my current Yoyo badges:
I hit my 1 million point goal today! That makes 20 projects for me at >1 million!
Awesome.. I should hit 1 million in LHC within a few days....lol Gotta keep up the pace so you don't catch me..lol
Dude, you have nothing to worry about. The only way I could pass you is if you quit crunching. I will still keep trying, though!
You never know...one day I could switch to an all ARM farm (phARM). Then my choices would be highly limited....
While working towards 10 million + in this project recently, I picked up the Master badges in Cruncher, ECM, M Queens, and Siever (last 4 badges below).