YouTube Updates Its Strike System

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    Well if I was going to be accurate about John Podesta I would call him a spirit cooking (fact backed up by personal emails leaked by Wikileaks and not hacked by Russians) pedophile rapist (also backed up by personal emails leaked by Wikileaks and not hacked by Russians). You are right he is not an elected politician. He is a self proclaimed lobbyist and politician. He hasn't been indicted yet. The only people playing loose with the facts are the ones who act like there is nothing to the Podesta emails. The Podesta emails are probably the most bombshell whistleblower release of criminality in the history of this country. Seth Rich and Julian Assange deserve a national holiday for helping us save this country without violence.
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    I'm aware of the emails and have read quite a few of them. The fact that he hasn't been indicted yet is either because our justice system is extremely corrupt OR they don't have enough evidence to indict. I suspect it is the former, but I don't know it for a fact. I also suspect that if the law was applied to politicians the same as it is for the rest of us many of them from both sides would be under indictment or already in prison.

    Since Podesta wasn't indicted, put on trial, or jailed, from the lefts point of view this is much ado about nothing whereas conservatives believe he is a criminal and should be in prison. You can see where the divide is here. I strongly believe that many of our problems stem from lack of enforcement of the law. If criminal politicians were held to the same standard as the rest of us and convicted accordingly many of the issues we see today either wouldn't exist or would exist at a much lower level.
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    I didn't quote all of your post as the very first statement was patently incorrect. That is all I quoted, all I needed to reference. I don't care where the rest of the post goes, it's irrelevant.

    Collaboration and conspiracy are not synonyms. Conspiracy carriers the additional burden of an intent towards malice, harm, illegality, etc. whereas collaboration has no such connotative value.

    I don't get how you are missing this nor why you would launch into an essay over something so obvious.

    It's not my logic, it's the definitions of the words specifically regards to your usage in that sentence.

    I know you are going to argue this so I will be extra clear. Your usage of the word conspiracy was as a noun. Collaboration is indeed a synonym for conspiracy when conspiracy (a noun), is used to denote an action. But you did not use the word conspiracy in this manner.
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