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Dec 31, 1969
The folks at XFX want you to know they are running a power supply a day giveaway. The contest rules are easy and you can enter once a day until the contest is over. Hit the link and get your name in the hat to win! Good luck!

Everyone that registers from 12:01 AM to 12:00 PM on the contest period above will be drawn each day for a daily prize. Winners will be chosen in a daily drawing. If you don’t win today, you can register again tomorrow for a chance to win tomorrow’s prize. Winners will be contacted via email. You have to reply back to us within 24 hours of the time of receiving the notification to be able to win the prize.
Ooooh.... I could use a new power supply to play with :)

I never win anything.. Maybe this time will be different (crosses fingers and toes). :p
Every single xfx psu so far has gone to the east side of the USA with the east Texas winners being about dead center ... only 2 drawings left, and today's the last day to enter.
dang missed out on this, i need to add the xfx girl on facebook so I can be kept up to date...