Everyone that picked this up enjoying this? Thinking about picking it up today. I've been watching some gameplay videos and it looks pretty good.
Everyone that picked this up enjoying this? Thinking about picking it up today. I've been watching some gameplay videos and it looks pretty good.

Yep. It's pretty good. The crazy resolution drops are pretty noticeable in handheld mode, but that's about the only complaint I have so far.
Yeah the gameplay is great what bothers me sometimes is that the game slows down after hours of playing. I once went to the background to check something on the news button played a video after returning to the game the framerate went to shit.
Had one freeze :) but I was playing for hours and luckily I saved before it happened.

Another source for some spoilers about deeds
Gold farming ;)

All I have to say is that you need to use those "useless" blades with salvaging preferably with more then 1 rank. Make sure you run them on Nia as well , gets you way more goodies ;)
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Man, I'm super digging this game but holy shit, it's complicating as hell at first. Maybe I'm just dumb or I'm not used to jrpg's, but holy crap... so much to learn!

I keep getting my ass handed to me, too. I found out to progress farther in the main story first, then do side quests.
actually jrpgs used to be much simpler compared to western rpgs, so I think they saw what we were doing in our MMOs here and tried to amplify it by 10... unnecessarily complex imo, but you'll get used to it, after about 100 hours :)
I've liked both chronicles X and this game quite a bit although I prefer X a bit more. While the story/characters in X was fairly lacking the gameplay features were quite extensive and beyond what 2 offers.

Both games have an older western type MMO feel/quality to them that I actually really enjoy - X did this better because you'd actually see other players around you at the warp points and could invite people to your party if you wanted.

The music in X was better as well, and generally I find that X somehow had more stunning graphics compared to 2. While 2 'technically' looks better due to the higher end hardware, X was just better built from a design perspective IMO.

A few gripes I have with this game that NEED to be fixed because the reasoning just doesn't make any sense:

- Why the shit can I not view the tutorial messages again? This is just stupid, and I shouldn't have to 'buy' pamphlets from shops to remember how to do basic things in the game. This is an easy addition/sub-menu.

- The stupid map. Again, X did this better. You had the map on your gamepad and/or hit a single button and the full map would show. In this game you have to hit the start button, select warp, select the area you are in, and then finally you can view a real map. FFS just let me hit the select button on the controller to let me see the current map i'm on.

I really enjoy this game otherwise - But it really is mind boggling why so many features feel like a step backwards from X.


You can see in this video what I mean about the environments. While technically inferior to 2 the overall design looks way better in X, not to mention the music is better. The very fact that the title menu for X is built to show off the game tells me that the designers put a lot more work into it and were proud of it.. And they should be.

I eagerly await for X to be released on the Switch..
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There is a lot going on some of the things seem trivial in this game but can end up making a huge difference :) .

When you leveled those useless blades you get the item: weaponry for n00bs and I was thinking what is that So I left them alone never bothered with them until I had 15 or so :) then I found out they can be used in the weapon skill boosting for 1k a pop max out some of the sword skills to L5. It took me a while to notice the bottom text on the screen saying X for adding the extra points.
Finally getting used to the combat and starting to do some good damage. The whole cancel auto attack thing I had no clue about until I read up on combat. Now I'm owning fools.
New update coming for the game next week:


  • An easy mode will be added to Tiger! Tiger!
  • When you press the X button, the Skip Travel screen will open the map to your current location. We hope this will make it easier to spot Skip Travel locations and Salvage Points on the map.
  • An additional 1:1 zoom on the mini map will be displayed by pressing the L Stick. This will allow improved visibility of your surroundings and make it easier to check quest locations.
We will further improve the convenience of the mini map as we add more quests and additional elements for second playthroughs next year for all players (not just those who purchased the Expansion Pass!) We appreciate your continued patience.

  • In your second playthrough, you will be able to have “those” Blades join your party! You can also dispatch Blades like Pyra and Dromarch as a Merc Group, and unlock the “LV 4 Special” of a certain Blade.
  • We will distribute the following useful items to those who purchased the Expansion Pass:
- Driver Essentials Set: 10 x Rare Core Crystal, 1 x Legendary Core Crystal, 3 x Overdrive Protocol

- Upgrade Parts for Poppi: 30,000 ether

- Pyra’s Favorite Things: 5 x Jenerossi Tea

- Nia’s Favourite Things: 5 x Ardainian Bear Carving
This is a spreadsheet which contains a lot of spoiler information

All Owner Deeds

Legendary Rarity Pouch Items Locations/Effects

Most Secret Areas

6 Pouch Expansions (Really.)

Technical Manuals for Poppi

Most if not all Lvl 99+ Superbosses for Post-Game

Most if not all UMs from Temperantia and onward.

Chain and Post-Game Sidequest informations

Adenine, Agate, Zenobia, Floren, and Electra Sidequest informations
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And this is something which might not be known but a clever way to farm rare and common core crystals....

Darn, I was hoping their first patch would improve performance of the game during tabletop mode.

Even if they scaled back the resolution to 480P the engine will bog down enough the way it handles information is the problem (buildings and npc such that it slows down ). Have you tried playing in airplane mode ?
Another spreadsheet with information about drops and links to other useful stuff
Driver Affinity Charts + Driver Class + Blade Affinity Charts + some Poppi
List of Accessories, Core Chips, and Aux Cores. Ctrl+F in "Drops" tab to find farming locations for each.
Useful information for Shop Deeds, Pouch Expansions, many long/hard/elaborate quests (e.g. Uncover the Truth, Salvage King, Nopon Doubloons, and Bana's Secret Treasure quests) and also secret area locations
Salvage item location mini-guide. Also lists trading recipes.
Collectibles Guide  
List of pouch items ("Item locations" tab) + Bestiary (so-called "Ultimate guide".) + Core Chips ("Core Chip Locations" and "CCD" tab)
Favorite pouch Items sources
Shop Deeds sources
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2 post game reddit threads for the people that are that far already :

Gold chip guide youtube

Gold Chip also drops from 60 - 62 Zeoth Serprond, Location: Temperatia > Central Plain > Ardainian Garrison > Walk South East fight him Near Cloud Ocean and a Big Rock but still on land.

The person that made the gold chip video has some other stuff that can be of some use as well https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClddn_sscROqcR9WEyqoLbw
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Wanted to share some Tora/Poppi vids :) this little fella is pretty versatile now that you can farm easy tiger tiger , might be nice ;) The 1st link is a showdown of it being a self healing tank..

The last one is where Tora solo the artifice Ophion in less then 3 minutes:

Different builds but pretty much what people can do with Tora is quite good and most people tend ditch Tora as soon as they can for Morag ...
I appreciate that we can hit the 'X' button now and the full map comes straight up..
Handy collection of what to do where to go and what gear you are looking for when doing end game content including a new look at the luck boosting gear which seems that you can use different chips for other then bitball Blades.

The luck gear video

Just picked this up last night, and I enjoyed what I played (about 2 hrs). Anyone have any tips or know anything I should read up on just starting out?
Just picked this up last night, and I enjoyed what I played (about 2 hrs). Anyone have any tips or know anything I should read up on just starting out?
Throughout the game you can gain core crystals you get better versions of it rare and legendary in latter parts, don't be worried to use them.
Getting your mercenary level up through the missions is pretty good job for those cores even if there not rare blades you get plenty of them and doing them raises the amount of cores you can summon..

Have fun :)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s newest update has just arrived. Version 1.2.0 is out now.

Expansion Pass: New Quests Pack 1
Passion of the Artisan (Quest available in Chapter 2)
M.I.A. Nopon (Quest available in Chapter 3)
Industrial Sort of Tour (Quest available in Chapter 5)
Midnight Feasting (Quest available in Chapter 7)
The Lone Watchman (Quest available in Chapter 10)

Expansion Pass: Helpful Items Pack 3
Driver Essentials Set 2: Rare Core Crystal x10, Legendary Core Crystal x1, Overdrive Protocol x1
Tora’s Favorite Thing: Juicy Samod x3
Poppi α’s Favorite Thing: Fizz Juice x3
Charming Driver Gear: Auto-Balancer x1

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 version 1.2.0 patch notes
  • Fixed an issue in which parts set to a specific Skill RAM failed to provide their intended effects.
  • Adjusted the Gormott regular quest “The Riddle on the Wall” to make it completable regardless of player progression in the main story.
  • Adjusted Finch’s Blade Quest “Birds of a Feather” to make it completable regardless of player progression in the main story.
  • Fixed an issue in Agate’s Blade Quest “Precious Yearnings” preventing quest progression.
  • Added functionality to allow players to receive the first round of quests and the second round of items associated with the Expansion Pass.
  • Voiced segments in menus can now be skipped with the A or B button.
I actually was going to consider this game after so many people talking about it... until I saw this...


and this

Today’s patch is highlighted by the addition of New Quests Pack 2. These quests can be taken on after completing the update:

– Nopon of Good Tastes (Talk to Bipopo near Galad Residential Zone in Gormott. Available after adding Poppi.)
– Cleared of All Charges (Talk to Strath in Fonsett, Leftheria. Requires Perun, Godfrey and Perceval.)
– Beneath the Aurora (Talk to Len at Rigitte Harbor in Leftheria. Available from Chapter 6.)
– Upgrades and Tinkering (Examine the table in Tora’s house. Requires Tora. Available from Chapter 8.)
– Most Awful News?! (Stay at the inn in Tantal. Requires Finch’s Birdbrain Lv.3 and Zeke. Available from Chapter 10.)
Today some news for April 27th patch 1.4 with 2 blades


Version 1.4.0
  • Issues Fixed
    • Fixed an issue causing the rare blade Dagas to disappear if bonded with a driver other than Rex, but engaged with Rex when starting a New Game Plus.
      • If Dagas has disappeared, downloading the latest update will cause him to be restored.
    • Fixed an issue causing Adenine’s blade quest, “Limits of Awareness” to advance automatically after continuing when the Ver. 1.3.1 update had been applied.
    • Fixed an issue that rarely prevented Skip Travel when on the Skip Travel screen
    • Fixed an issue causing the Recover Recharge effect from Mythra’s skill, Lightspeed Flurry, not to occur when used as a Special.
  • Changes and New Features
    • Added the sorting categories “Driver,” “Trust,” and “Field Skill” to the Blade List.
    • Added the sorting category “Type” to the list of Accessories.
    • After having cleared the game’s main story, once a star appears next to your current money in the menu the rare blade, T-elos can be bonded from core crystals at random.
    • Numerous traveling bards have been added that will exchange bonus EXP for Poppi’s rare parts when playing New Game Plus.
    • Added functionality to receive the first additional rare blade from the Expansion Pass, Poppibuster.
      • Poppibuster is a special blade, and the quest rare blade quest “Shiny New Power” must be completed to a certain point before Poppibuster can be engaged.
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This might come in handy for the free blade (T-elos) a guide on completing the hardest part:

A speculative piece on what is next for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and a review of the 1.4 patch.

An interview with the born British from American parents Skye Bennett the voice of Pyra and Mythra.

How to get the new DLC quest for 3000 trust item in 1.4.1 and where to get the materials

I thought there were some other modes coming as well this or next month?