Xbox One External Options


Limp Gawd
May 23, 2005
I have been trying to gather as much information as I can regarding high-performance enclosures and hard drive options. I have been pondering between SSD's, hybrids, and high RPM mechanical drives.

Though I keep coming to a dead end when researching hard drive enclosures, as it feels like there are no existing reviews or benchmark comparisons in existence for a majority of them; namely the StarTech brand.

So here I am, does anyone have any recommendations or design solution to this? I have considered RAID 0 and 5. Hell if I had the ability I would benchmark them all personally myself and report results, but my pockets are not deep at all. I would really like to see where the breakpoint is...

I was given an Intel 335 - 240 GB SSD recently but I do not have a USB 3.0 enclosure to test it on, but also Microsoft has placed a 256 GB minimum limitation on the drives, which I do not know if that was just a recommendation or a physical limitation.

I have been considering the following:
StarTech USB 3.0 eSATA Dual 3.5-Inch SATA III Hard Drive RAID Enclosure with UASP
Seagate 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive SATA 6Gbps 64MB Cache 2.5-Inch ST1000LM014 -- Two of these.